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Jan 20, 2005 06:56 AM

Ann's - Glen Burnie

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Hi All,
As I do not eat foot longs, hot dogs etc... I need the opinion of fellow hounds. There is a take out place in Glen Burnie on Ritchie Highway called Ann's (they built Marley Station Mall around it) It's been there forever and is always packed. The girls taking the orders NEVER write anything down when they take your order and they handle multiple orders at a time. So, my question is, if someone is looking for this type of food would you recommend Ann's as I can not vouch for the quality? People who do eat there that I know are not chowhounds, so I don't want to take their opinion too seriously, but they tell me the foot longs are great as well as the shakes.

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  1. Ann's Dairy Creme is good!

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    1. re: Hon

      I have dreams of a footlong with chili and cheese from Ann's. Delicious. Unfortunately, since I started watching my weight, I don't get to go there, so if you do, be sure to think of me.

      1. re: Jon Parker

        Cool - I figured it had to be good since the line is always out the door. I just didn't know how Chowish it would be and if it was a good recommendation for a chowhound! I'll let my friend know!
        Thanks again!

      2. re: Hon
        Rev. J. Dean McNamara

        Found your post in May 2006... have been away from MD since 1995 when we entered ministry service.

        Oh how I crave a good Ann's double dog with chili, mustard and fried onions (will even take them raw)!

        Last time I visited was when I moved from TX to a church in Jamestown NY. Took my first vacation Sunday/Monday and drove back home to Baltimore and ordered 24 foot longs (they give you one free per 12 ordered), put them in zip-lock freezer bags, topped off with 8 lbs of ice, and put in a large very well insulated Rubbermaid cooler, and drove back to Jamestown NY. We froze the chilled footlongs upon arrival to Western NY.

        My wife and enjoyed Ann's footlongs all summer long (1 each per Saturday for 12 Saturdays). They were slightly crispy, fully cooked and very good at 275 degrees for 20 minutes, right from the freezer.

        We moved this past August to a larger church in Des Moines, IA. Now I'm looking to take a vacation via Southwest Airlines for a same-day trip to BWI airport, and make a run to Ann's in Glen Burnie/Pasadena. This time, however, we'll need to order 36 to 48 footlongs. The fun part will be checking the filled coolers (two) as my check-in luggage.

        I wish we could find the Ann's style footlong (on a 12 inch sub roll) somewhere closer to Des Moines!

        Happy Eating,

        Pastor Dean

      3. If getting a dog, make it a double dog as they come on big sub rolls and a single kind of gets lost in the bread.

        Don't forget the soft ice cream!!



        1. Has anyone been to the Ann's outpost at the Power Plant? I think it's called Power Dogs, or something similarly awful. I rarely find myself caught hungry at the Inner Harbor, but it'd be nice to know if there's something there cheap and good other than Mount Olympus at Harborplace.

          1. Since1953, every sunday we would drive to Anns Footlongs for the obvious and a milk shake. Later on in the 50's she introduced french fries and that too became part of our
            sunday meal. I do remember that a dollar would get all three. Later on, she introduced
            the hamburger and the double dogs. And the milkshakes became malted. To this day, I dream of going to Anns and getting one of those awesome hotdogs, but unfortunately i moved to the west coast and now all i have are memories. I can't tell you who my 5th grade teacher was, but I can tell you all about Anns and the crew who were with that little store for decades. Not one time in the many many years of going there and finding people standing outside the door waiting to get in, did i see a pad for the waitress to wrtie something down. They would take 5 and 6 orders and never make a mistake. They were special just like "Anns and these memories are with me while im pushing 70. Maybe one day, ill share another one while sitting on the drugstore stool cramped in the corner.

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            1. re: emb1st

              Ann's is, and remains, a great, great place for every single thing on the menu --w hich isn't that long. Come to think of it, though, I've never had a foot long, so this is giving shape to our plans for the summer . . .

              1. re: lawhound

                tried the footlongs once 10 yrs ago - i was more impressed w/ the order takers than the dogs. IMHO, there's nothing special about a boiled frank on an inferior roll. I'd sooner take the 75 minute drive to New Castle DE (The Dog House) than the 10 min to Ann's.

                1. re: Sop

                  maybe you went to the wrong Ann's Dari-Ceme

                  the franks are fried. always have, always will be. also served on a good sub/hoagie roll

                  having said that, to the original question; yes. ann's is awesome. hadn't been there in a few months, maybe a year. hit it at about 10pm last night (sunday) and the girls are entertaining as always, got a dog with everything and a strawberry shake.

                  it's really good and really cheap. not much else to do in glen burnie unless you've got a nice car, route 2 is a giant cruise strip basically.

                  have fun!

                  1. re: thork86

                    The double-dog with everything, a milkshake and a Coke chaser is all you need. I don't know where they get the rolls, but they're perfect. Grab a table out back under the trees. You definitely don't want to eat one of these in the car.

                  2. re: Sop

                    Their dogs aren't boiled and are deep fried in peanut oil I believe. I recommend the single footlong with chili, onions and mustard.