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Aug 24, 2001 03:44 PM

Mama's - breakfast/lunch place in North Beach

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I just wondered how come restaurant reviews or Zagat or other posts never mentiones Mama's? My husband and I go there for breakfast on weekend mornings when we can get up early enough. Ususally the lines are out the door and around the corner, and with good reason too. The restaurant is very small, probably seats only 30 or so people. Their menu is not extensive but covers most breakfast items. Their omeletts are big and fluffy filled with delicious sausages or cheeses. The pancakes are large and delicious, topped with fresh berries or bananas. They have a delicious selection of freshly baked good. The chefs have so little room to work with, yet they turn out the best breakfast that we ever had (much better than Ella's in our opinion).
If you want to avoid the line, try to be in the first seating, they open at 8am. If you don't make it and have to wait in line, you can pop across the street to Liguria Bakery. They are a San Francisco landmark and sells nothing but delicious focaccia. When they sell out they close shop.

Mama's On Washington Square 1701 Stockton St San Francisco, CA (415) 362-6421
Liguria Bakery 1700 Stockton St San Francisco, CA (415) 421-3786

ps. We've not tried Mama's lunch, the lines are always to long and they don't server lunch items during breakfast time.

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  1. Is this the very same Mama's that earned a certain celebrity twenty years ago for its long hamburgers in baguettes? Wasn't there a Mama's in the Macy's basement for a while? Ah, those happy days of carnivorous yore.

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      I have no idea if it is. My husband and I came to the city only five years ago. They do have killer baguettes that is great with their home made jam.

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        I heard a news report that the Flower Market Cafe had hired the former chef from belated Mama's on Nob Hill and would now be open for dinner.

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          Rochelle McCune

          When I was at the Flower Market last weekend, I noticed the Cafe is now open for dinner. I hate to admit this because it is unlike me and so un-chowhound, but I didn't study the menu - I was too sad about not finding the tamale guy. - That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

          I'll look more carefully at the menu next weekend.