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Jan 12, 2005 10:14 AM


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The BF and I are really excited about going there tomorrow night for RW. I am assuming this is not a jacket & tie kind of place. What are some of the stand outs/suggestions? And has anyone been for RW?


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  1. No jacket and tie require, but dressing nice I'm sure would be appreciated.

    If there is pork belly on the menu go for it.

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      One of my favorite places in DC - hope you enjoy. The menu changes with the seasons, but some stuff is almost always on there. I love the beet salad appetizer, and my husband almost always gets the mozzarella porcupine. We've also had great soups, just depends what they're offering. There's also usually a scallop dish that you can have for either an appetizer or entree - the preparation changes, but it's always been delicious. Their seafood has always been very good - the tuna is great, and they often have good rockfish, snapper or grouper on the menu. And on my last visit, I had a veal chop that was excellent. Enjoy!

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        I went last week-end with friends and we all thought the food was excellent. I don't know what entrees are available for RW, but the highlights for us were the beef cheeks (my dish which was tender and rich and just great),and the lamb with the goat cheese ravioli. For starters we had the cheese porcupine and the oysters on the half shell (very fresh oysters with a clean, ocean-fresh taste). I didn't get dessert but my companions enjoyed theirs, which I believe was a dark chocolate cake.

        Service was very slow, I should note.

    2. i went last night. over all, it was a great experience, though we were had to wait 10 minutes before the host greeted us, only to be told to wait another 15 minutes for our table.
      fancy attire is not required, but you wouldn't look out of place if you wanted to dress up for the occassion.
      the califlower soup and mozerlla porcupine were very good, the micro greens salad was good, but nothing terribly special.
      i had the lamb and awesome mini goat cheese ravioli. the lamb was very good, but the sauce was a bit too rich (probably better on the side). friends ordered the seared tuna and baby chicken, and both were well received. the pistachio bread pudding/icecream was awesome, as was the creme brule. the choclate suffle was good, but my friend didn't think it was sweet enough.
      hope you have a good time!

      1. On the website there is pictures of big round tables that seat 10 or 12. Am I correct in assuming that you share your table? Or is this just one portion of the restaurant?

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          Normal seating is available. I don't even recall seeing such big tables in the main dining room.

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            I think that picture is of something they catered in one of the hotel ballrooms or something.

            There is a picture of the actual interior on the link I've posted.

            p.s. have the lobster salad.


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              The combination of seating/service is very conducive to private conversation and the vibe is the complete opposite of communal table. This is where I go, at lunch, when I want tasty food and serious chat. I’ve even noticed service staff stop about 10 feet away from the table and hesitate, until noticed, before walking up to the table - nice. This was originally a Tom Sietsema-chat recommendation and one I wouldn’t have easily stumbled across (second floor of a non-showcase hotel).

          2. Lunch today at Corduroy was excellent...of course, the whole menu is available for RW and the three of us were very pleased with our meals. The root vegetable soup was deep and rich--thoroughly enjoyable--and the lobster bisque was quite good. One of us had the beef steak and french fries, one had the lamb steak and I had the penne with sausage and parmesan cheese--all excellent. Desserts were one of the better creme brulees I have had--the topping was perfectly caramelized--and very tasty sorbet. The two meat entrees had a $3 dollar surcharge..but the whole experience was terrific.

            Corduroy remains one of the most undervalued restaurants in Washington...which is good because it is quiet and easy to get to get a table most of the time. Apparently they make enough on catering for the hotel to support a less than busy dining room.

            My only criticism is that the service--while friendly--is not as professional as other top drawer restaurants in the area....but that is a small drawback.

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