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Aug 24, 2001 12:40 PM

Sonoma Valley restaurants

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Need recommendations for Sonoma. I saw in Food & Wine month ago a list of new restaurants in Sonoma Valley. Please let me know which are worth trying: Manzanita, Ravenous, Dry Creek Kitchen, Mariposa, Santi, Mucca , Carneros Restaurant and The Girl & the Fig.

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  1. All are worth trying! Note that Ravenous, Manzanita, Mariposa, Santi, Dry Creek Kitchen (not open as of this date, but promises to be soon) are in the Healdsburg area. Mucca, Girl and Fig, Carneros are on the Sonoma Valley side of the county. I don't know if "all are worth trying" is very helpful in narrowing the field, but they ARE all worth trying. Perhaps you will need to make a decision based on geography.

    1. I think your list may be those "let's be nice to the food critics" new places. The old standby for really superb food is the Kenwood Restaurant in Kenwood...kind of across from Chateau St. Jeanne. Nice patio if weather permits.

      1. There are a few places you mentioned that the "locals" really frequent, though they are not all in Sonoma proper totally. Cafe La Haye seems a definite in downtown Sonoma. Ravenous & Healdsburg Chacuterie are definite "must's" in Healdsburgs next door. Great food, great ambience, great waiters. Enjoy!

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          Here's a link to recent posts on Cafe La Haye.

          Yesterday I popped my head in Ravenette (the original Ravenous location open for lunch only) to ask a question. To my surprise there was only one table occupied at 11:40am on a summer saturday. That doesn't happen very often! To my dismay, I didn't have time to plop myself for lunch. What missed opportunity.