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Lebanese Butcher & Market - Falls Church (Report)

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I was in town for a weekend and in the mood for Lebanese food (a rarity for me)...not far from the Taverna, which I like, but I wanted to try something new. I saw that Tyler Cowen had added a Lebanese joint to his "must try" list with the following description:

"Lebanese Restaurant and Market, Hillwood and Rt.29, Falls Church, usually open.

"Superb mom and pop Lebanese place, maybe the best Lebanese place up and running right now. Everything here tastes like real food, unlike so much of what you eat in this country."

Even though I have been disappointed with a couple of his recommendations recently, I figured this was worth a try...so I grabbed a couple of friends (a highly adventurous friend and his fairly picky spouse) and headed off. The first challenge was finding the place, even though it is not far from where I was staying. Tyler's info is a bit misleading...eventually we found it. Here's the correct information for you:

Lebanese Butcher & Restaurant, 109 East Annandale Rd (At the corner of Lee Hwy/Rt29 Annandale), 703-241-2012. Open til 9 pm daily.

Once we got there, our experience was highly positive, particularly the food and service. The place was tiny, and essentially empty, when we arrived at 7:30 or so on a Saturday night. The host/waiter seemed surprised to see us in there, and immediately said "we are not a fancy restaurant but we have the best food." This is of course is exactly what we wanted from our dining experience, so he had no need to apologize.

We ordered fairly standard fare for appetizers...hommos, tabuleh, and kibbeh. The kibbeh was different than I was used to but very good and a nice big portion. It frightened our third diner. The hommos and tabuleh were good...nothing extraordinary about them but what could be?

Though we all have our favorite standbys, we had struck up a good conversation with the host and asked for his recommendations on entrees. Without hesitation he suggested the Lamb Ouzi...unfortunately one of our group was not a lamb eater, and we were already set on another lamb/beef dish, so we got Chicken Ouzi instead to accomodate her. The ost seemed disappointed...so much so that he brought us a free platter of Lamb Ouzi on the house, saying that he didn't want us to try his restaurant and not have the best. I have to say he was probably right. The flavor of the dish far surpassed what would be expected from the description (Yogurt with cucumber & mints, salad, rice). If you go, the Lamb Ouzi is a must. The portions were ample and my leftovers fed me most of the next day. The chicken ouzi was good, but not nearly as good as the lamb. We also ordered a special of lamb and kafta skewers, not my favorite dish so I'm not the best judge, but I enjoyed it. We ordered somewhat cautiously in case we didn't like the Ouzi...I now will be comfortable being more adventurous.

I highly recommend giving this place a try if you're in the area and in the mood...I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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  1. I am so glad you found this place...I shop at the attached (excellent) butcher shop at least once a month, and always get something from the restaurant. During our seven-month whole house remodel, ostensibly ending next week, we've gotten take out sandwiches from the restaurant at least once a week. Their chicken schwarma sandwich is to die for, and I really like their falafel. I've never tried the Lamb Ouzi, but I will be sure to get it next time!

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      Thanks for the tip...are there any sandwiches in particular you recommend aside from the chicken schwarma?

      Let me know what you think of the ouzi...enjoy!

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        The beef/lamb schwarma is even better than the chicken schwarma, in my opinion.

        Before they expanded (added the restaurant) they used to sell the schwarma sandwiches from the butcher's counter. These are so good that they are definitely worth a trip.

        Compared with the chow at the Lebanese Taverna, the rest of the menu is not up to snuff, although much less expensive, less crowded, and faster service.

    2. Thanks for your post, I will go back again and try the lamb. When I went a year ago I found the kafta kabob (one of my favorites things to order) to taste like a simple hamburger and was disappointed. Pretty much never went back except for baba ganoush/hummous take-out. But I must say I never liked baba ganoush until i had it there- it is really quite good.

      1. I get my meats and specialty items at the butcher next to the restaurant part. They taste amazing so I really should try the restaurant. Just wanted to add the next time you go out to eat there, pick up some chicken breasts, steak and ground beef. Really flavorful.