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Aug 24, 2001 03:07 AM

Help! King's China Bistro? Fook Yuen? HK Flower?

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My clan decided to have dinner tomorrow (Friday night) and I have the task of making the reservations for 10-12 people, all of whom have pretty discerning palates, and most of whom prefer Cantonese food. Roast suckling pig (and I mean suckling piglet, not adolescent hog) and fresh seafood are particular favorites.

Can anyone recommend one place over the others, or perhaps suggest a new one in the Millbrae-SF corridor?

It's been a while since I last had dinner at King's China Bistro in Westborough (or is it Daly City?), but it was very good a couple of years back, especially the Typhoon Shelter crab. Has anyone been there lately?
And is the old HK Flower Lounge still good? We stopped going to the new one many months ago as it appeared to have gone downhill.

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  1. The current favorite along that stretch seems to be Seafood Harbor. If you do a search on the main Chowhound Home Page you will find several posts. I haven't eaten here myself but it has a lot of chowhound fans.

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      Thanks for your kind suggestion, Gordon!

      The reason I didn't include Seafood Harbor is that the family has been there quite often in the past few months, and, the last time we were there a few weeks ago, we felt that the dinner food was better at Fook Yuen. The dimsum at Seafood Harbor is very good--maybe a shade better prepared than at Fook Yuen, but the last dinner at Seafood Harbor was not as good as we had expected.

      Actually, I think it was the fried crab and the bean curd dishes that settled the consensus in favor of Fook Yuen, especially the deep fried salt and pepper beancurd and the hotpot with beancurd, fish head and fish fins.

      1. re: Pia R

        Oops, too late. In any case, we'd like to hear where you ended up.

        Have you been to Jumbo in Millbrae? Have only eaten there once and it was closed the last time we thought of it.

        While I haven't had dinner at Fook Yuen for a while, my recollection is that the bean curd dishes are especially fine. We'd noticed that we seem to eat white-colored food when we're there - bamboo pith, tofu, scallops...

        Our previous dinner at Seafood Harbor was pretty special ordering from the set menu and adding a few things our waiter suggested. I do remember that when we asked about bean curd dishes, the first litany didn't sound terribly interesting to our table. We ended up getting a fried bean curd dish that's an appetizer that was so good --- light and airy small cubes that almost floated off the plate.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Hi, Melanie!

          I just got back from dinner at King's China Bistro. (No, I haven't heard of Jumbo in Millbrae, but thanks for the suggestion! I'll give it a shot when I'm in the area for lunch.)

          Actually, we had an excellent dinner at King's China Bistro--appreciably better than at any of the usual Millbrae places. We were off to an inauspicious start: the assorted appetizer plate was nothing remarkable (at least what was left of it when I got there, a bit late), but and the soysauce chicken was quite good, with a uniformly mahogany colored skin. The subsequent dishes were even better.

          I had thought that Fook Yuen had the best beancurd dishes, (my family also tends towards white food, beancurd, fish, scallops) but I think King's was even better. We had the fried shrimp-stuffed beancurd, as well as the two-flavor fish, which was actually 2 dishes, the first was sauteed fish fillet, the other braised fried fish trimmings and beancurd. The braised dish was especially good, richly flavored, with silken, delicately sweet beancurd. But the best dish appeared last, Aberdeen-style crab, lightly battered, deep-fried and flavored with lots of crisp garlic, black beans, and green onion.

          The seafood and egg-white fried rice was a tad oily, but a nice change from Yang Chow and salted fish. We also had salt-and-pepper squid which was nicely done.

          The tab came to about $30 per person, including tip, but no alcohol.

          All told, it was well worth the trip from mid-Peninsula, and I will probably be found delving deeper into their menu in the coming months. Perhaps I'll organize something there after the dinner at Java.

          1. re: Pia R

            What a good chowhound you are! Posting before you've even digested your dinner.

            I'd never even heard of King's China Bistro - sounds really good. Also wanted to mention that for my one meal at Jumbo, one of the three dishes was really good and the other two average. But there was so much fantastic food passing by and people looked so happy, I figured we'd not chosen well.

            P.S. did you get my e-mail?