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Jan 8, 2005 10:11 PM

Good falafel in Baltimore?

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I'm craving some garlicky falafel like I used to get in Brooklyn. Any recommendations for good falafel in Baltimore?

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  1. Cypriana on corner of Calvert & Baltimore Street. It's a weekday-only place (I think) that serves the business crowd. Sidewalk seating in warm weather, otherwise it's take-out.
    Their greek salads are tasty too.

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      I second the motion for Cypriana. And it is weekday only, unfortunately.

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        Definately Cypriana's....

        They have 2 locations. As mentioned, Calvert & Baltimore St. The other is located inside of the University of MD Hospital on Greene St. I believe they are open 7 days/week til 11pm. Its not easy to get to (and parking is a b*tch), but definately worth it. Unfortunately, their prices did go up (close to $8 w/tax).

        There's also a place in Towson called the Cedar deli, a bodaga-ish place that has falafels that are subpar (their sauce is a joke) but they also sell frozen pre-made falafels that you can cook yourself (which is what I end up doing).

        1. All the Egyptian pizza and Al Pacino locations have very good falafels as well.

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            I must respectfully disagree with this review of Egyptian Pizza's falafel. I have been spoiled by my holy grail falafel joint -- Mamoun's in NYC on MacDougal -- since I lived near there in the 90s. I usually go back once or twice a year. Egyptian's and Al Pacino's falafels are oversized, dry, overly herby, and blackened. A nice dark brown tone to the outside is ideal, but the 7 or 8 times I've tried Al's & Egyptian's, they're always burnt to a crisp. I have lived in Baltimore for 12 years and haven't had a great falafel yet. Always hopeful!

          2. Mediterranean Palace on York road in Govans between Northern parkway and the Senator cinema has delicious falafel. The combination platter is fantastic. The owner makes his middle Eastern bread from scratch and it is the best I have ever had, better even than Bacchus in Bethesda. This place is a hidden gem and I hope chowhounds check it out.

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              This has been closed for years too...
              .....resurrecting threads from 5 years ago.