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Jan 7, 2005 04:33 PM


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Anywhere in DC to get a bialy?

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  1. I've seen them on weekends at Bethesda Bagels.

    Perhaps they would have them at K St Bagels, since I believe they are owned by the same people/company.

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    1. re: JoyS

      No, K street bagels does not have them.

    2. Manhatten Bagel on Rockville Pike has them.

      1. Not a rec, but a warning:
        Do NOT get them from Georgetown Bagelry. Their bagels are good, but the bialys are very sad with what seems like freeze dried onion particles.

        1. How about in NoVa?

            1. re: Zigibot

              In that previous post, I noticed that someone mentioned H&H Bagels shipping down to the DC area.

              If you're going to buy a bialy with a NY pedigree, you may as well get it from Kossar's, whose bialys are untouched by anybody else's.

              I can walk there from home, so I don't know how the mail-order process works (whether they par-bake and let you finish the process, or something else), but they are phenomenal little buggers.