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Aug 23, 2001 02:52 PM

Gravenstein harvest (and other harvests)

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I hope it's not hot in the East Bay, because my mom is canning. After returning a week or so ago from a trip to BC, she made her Sebastopol run. They bought from a farm with an honor stand--no attendant, you take the amount (already picked) you want and leave your payment in a box. Gravenstein fans must be honest folks [g]. So she's canning applesauce yesterday and today. She also said she harvested, from her own backyard, a treeful of plums--not sure what she's making with those--and a treeful of golden delicious apples. The latter, she's juicing into cider and freezing. The apples are really inedible, but make good cider. And the early June garlic crop is about done curing. I don't have space for a window box in my Manhattan apartment!

Just felt like sharing.

PS A cousin of mine just moved to SF for a semester at CCA, so I hope she'll find her way to some chowhound get-togethers.

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  1. You'll be happy to know it's great canning weather (it's been even cooler than usual for summer in the Bay Area the last few weeks -- I work in downtown SF and live in Alameda. Monday was downright raw, windy and cold!).

    Unless she lives in the far reaches of the eastern East Bay, I doubt it's over 75, if that.

    Thanks for sharing, and reminding me to go out and get more Gravensteins while I can. I don't trust my ability to can, but does applesauce freeze? Or maybe I could peel and cut the apples into chunks and freeze them for making applesauce on demand?

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      Applesauce does freeze, my grandmother always had homemade applesauce in her freezer and I loved it when it was still kind of slushy.

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        Applesauce is the most forgiving of all canning. Try starting with just making too much, put the leftover into a new canning jar, a little lemon juice on top to discourage browning, rubber lid and seal, then a simple water bath for 20 minutes. I finished off my last jars from two years ago on a pork loin roast recently. It is not prone to problems like tomatoes. Joy of Cooking has a good section on canning, but really, with the special North Coast apples available, I'm panting to get my hands on some. Just food for thought.