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Aug 22, 2001 07:10 PM

Passion in the Wine Country, 9/22 sign-up

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Please join us for an afternoon of passionate food and poetry at Cafe Lucy in Napa, Saturday, September 22, 4pm-7pm. Seating is limited - we have 6 of 40 slots reserved.

The afternoon includes a reading by Theresa Whitehill of her culinary poems and stories celebrating the love of food, accompanied by wine and tapas. Cost will be $15 per person. A few surprises from my personal cellar will also be shared.

Please reply to this message or to me via e-mail if you'd like to attend.


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  1. Melanie, I'd just like to confirm that this is a Chowhound get-together and not some general event at the restaurant. As you know, we don't allow events notices (even good ones), though we make an exception for events very specifically organized as chowhound get-togethers, put together by longtime users such as yourself.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Jim, thanks for asking. This is a special for chowhounds. This is not a general event but an invitation-only soiree at Cafe Lucy for friends of the restaurant. I asked Lucy Gore if I might reserve a table for 6 so that members of this board could take advantage of the offer extended to me and she agreed. By offering to share some interesting bottles from my own cellar, I hope that I've added a personal chowhound signature.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I want to thank Melanie for thinking of the chowhound factor in this poetry reading, as it's a perfect opportunity to share many more factors in this culinary journey we are all on . . .the sense of sound in the poetry of food and the love of living well. It would be a worthwhile event to add a date with Theresa that was all 100% chowhound and for what is happening on September 22nd, I agree with Melanie in that because it is so exclusive, an invitation to whomever could come would be a special gathering for that date. This poet is writing a poem on request from Alice Waters to read for the 30th birthday party of Chez Panisse. She wrote the poem for Alice's long time friend & pastry chef, Catherine Brandel's Memorial the past few years. She is a total chowhound who does not have the opportunity to post. I have decided that there is one sence lost for us in this industry and that is the sence of sound. . . the beauty of the talk of food, the lust in words, to ponder, to crave the experince because of. I feel so honored that Melanie saw this & called. This is a "mini" chowhound event.

        1. re: Lucy Gore

          Thanks for adding more information about what's in store, Lucy.

          Jim's concern was probably not so much about the chowness of the content, but to make sure that I wasn't posting a commercial announcement which verboten on the site. The management have to nuke ads from the site daily, even for things that may be very worthwhile, just to be evenhanded.

          I know that you have already sold-out for the event and don't need any further promotion. Thanks for letting me extend this invitation to our fellow Chowhounds.

          Now, who wants the last two seats?

          1. re: Melanie Wong
            randy salenfriend

            I'm back. Randy & Kathleen are in. Chow Melanie.

            1. re: Melanie Wong
              randy salenfriend

              I'm back. Randy & Kathleen are in. Chow Melanie.

              1. re: randy salenfriend

                Hey, nice to see that your mental capacity and typing hands are back in action.

                Great that you'll be joining us at Cafe Lucy - should I count you against my 6 seats or did you arrange your own?

                1. re: Melanie Wong
                  randy salenfriend


                  Thanks, nice to be back in the saddle, tho I am not so sure about that mental acuity, note the double key strike resulting in a redundant message!! In any event, we have not made our own arrangements so we would love to be included in your count of six. Talk to you soon.



                  1. re: randy salenfriend

                    We're happy to have you along.

                    We're now full with attendees

                    Brandon & Tanya
                    Randy & Kathleen

                    P.S. I shot you an e-mail.

      2. Hi Melanie,

        I'll be with you in spirit and hope to see another such generous offer from you in the future at a time that I can make it!

        I am going to be in Paris the 20th-22nd as part of a 12 day European business trip. E. Dehillerin is definitely on my list of places to get back to. In '94 my wife and I bought a complete copper cookware set and schlepped it across Paris (via the Metro) back to the Hotel des Grandes Ecoles.

        I would love to hear your favorite spots there - wine, cheese, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.

        Have you checked out the Cheese Course yet in Healdsburg?


        Andy Jacob

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        1. re: Andy Jacob

          If you're not coming, then we still have two seats left for poetry. It's an understatement to say that I was disappointed to read your regrets when I clicked on your message. But Paris is an okay excuse...

          There are many, many posts about Paris on the International message board that you should check out. I've only spent 3 days in Paris in the last 2 years, so I'm sure you'll want more material than I alone could offer. If you go to the Chowhound main page, you can use the search engine in the upper right hand corner to find posts with "melanie paris international" to pull up whatever I've written up. I'll take a peek over the weekend to see if there's anything else that I should mention.