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Aug 22, 2001 04:22 PM

Carnelian Room

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Can anyone out there tell me about the Carnelian Room. I am surprising my husband with dinner in the private dining room. Have any of you been there and what can you tell me. Yes, the food is important but on this night the atmosphere means more. Thanks.

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  1. The best part about the Carnelian Room is the view. The service staff does the minimum possible and barely that. Best wishes for a clear day.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Okay, I didn't want to tell you but here goes . . . we are tourist in your city for the first time. Do you think we should try it?

      1. re: Teresa

        No! You'll just be wasting your time and money. SF is a city of hills- you can get gorgeous views for free all over the place. One of my favorite places to go with out-of-towners is Greens, for lunch. It's a big, very Nor-Cal place right up alongside the Bay (Fort Mason Center) with lovely views of the marina, GG Bridge, Marin Headlands, and the bay. The food is gourmet vegetarian--even if you are used to eating meat when you go out, you won't miss it, thanks to the beautiful local produce and inventive preparations.Definitely go during the day--easier to get a window table and you'll get the best view

        1. re: dixieday

          That's not quite right. The Carnelian room has better food for dinner than for brunch. I think they restaffed and put all of the old union guys on brunch to make way for better ones for dinner. The chef used to be at 231 Ellsworth and comes from one of the better restaurants in London. The food is conservative, but the view is spectacular.

          1. re: Bibi

            A tourist's agenda is quite different from a local diehard foodie's.

            I would also recommend brunch at the Alta Mira in Sausalito for the same reason (great view from the deck, decent eggs benedict).

            1. re: Bibi

              Yes, the views are spectacular. But I know that half the times I've been up there, it's socked in with fog and you feel cheated. We've a had an unusually cool and foggy summer so far, I'd hate to take the chance.

              1. re: Bibi

                the chef's best years were at 231 ellsworth, he now never takes to the line but is a paper chef, the turnover at chef de cuisine is tremendous, the floor staff has not turned over, beware. try, boulevards, 1 market place, aqua, 5th. floor restaurant for a great all around dining experience.

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          Rochelle McCune

          This is kinda old information but we took my father-in-law there for brunch on Fathers Day last year. The view was lovely and the staff was fairly attentive, but the food...well, it was decent at half the price. Dad didn't say anything but I was gnashing my teeth over all the other fabulous brunch places we gave up for their view which is impressive to visitors.

          Maybe I'll take out-of-towners there for drinks for the view (not likely) but I will not go back for the food.

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            Rochelle McCune

            I don't know how long you are going to be in San Francisco, I suggest you check through this site for things that might appeal. As a San Franciscan, I cringe at the idea that you might eat at the Carnelian Room and think it is representative of what we have to offer.

            Here's my list of suggestions (kinda in order of preference)...
            1. Jardiniere - in Hayes Valley
            2. Cafe Jacqueline - North Beach
            3. Eos - Cole Valley/Upper Haight
            (all in great neighborhoods that visitors love wander in)

            4. Elisabeth Daniel (Financial District)
            5. Gary Danko (North Point)
            Boulevard (Embarcadero)
            Ton Kiang (outer Geary)
            Cafe Kati (Japantown)
            Slanted Door (Mission)

            Lastly, whenever I take people to "see" North Beach I almost always have dinner at Tommasso's, then we wander around until we're ready for dessert at Stella's. Its a great evening, I recommend it.