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Dec 27, 2004 08:29 PM

Best Salsa in DC?

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We eat a ton on mexican & I'm a huge salsa fan so I'm curious -

1)Who do you think has this best Salsa in DC
2)What about buying from the store?

As for the best salsa in DC, my vote is for the mexican restaurant next to Wholefoods on Wisconsin in Gloverpark. A lot of times we go there to get the salsa for take-out. It's not that cheap though and is almost better jus to eat there. I haven't really found a salsa in the store that does fresh salsa justice.

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  1. >my vote is for the mexican restaurant next to Wholefoods on Wisconsin in Gloverpark

    Is that Guapo's? I like their salsa, though I'm always a little skeptical of Mexican restaurants with an apostrophe "s" in the name.

    Austin Grill's salsa verde (when it's available) is probably my local favorite. I also like the table salsa at Tacuba. And, though I'm a little embarassed to admit this, the "macho salsa" (you have to ask for it) at the umpteen local Don Pablo's (apostrophe "s" again!) is pretty darn tasty.

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    1. re: Zigibot
      Glover Park Resident

      I think he is referring to a small restaurant on Wisc. called Margarita's ;).

      The food is *just ok*. Well.. sometimes its not that good. I like the tacos de barbacoa. The Salsa is nice. Sometimes they have rotissere chicken. Pico de gallo isn't the greatest. The other mexcian dishes are pretty standard and not all that special. However, the tacos (even tounge if you like that), (served open face on a corn tortilla) are ok.

      Btw: The owner operates a fairly large taco truck - next time I go I'll ask where she parks it.

      I would avoid the actual margaritas there - I think they are made with bottled margarita mix - the kind you could buy in a grocery store.

      There are much better mexican restaurants in town. I would go to Guapos, Don Lobos or Cactus Cantina in a hearbeat before going to Margaritas though.


      1. re: Glover Park Resident

        Totally agree with you on the quality of food at Margaritas - only a fan of the salsa. The best mexican in DC IMO is the one up on Capitol Hill that was started by the guy who used to work at La Lomita - 8th & Penn? But I still like the salsa better from Margaritas -

        1. re: richardindc
          Glover Park Resident


          Is that the tortilla coast (I think) restaurant behind the Library of Congress down the street from the Capitol South metro?

          I like the fish tacos there.


          1. re: richardindc

            The Capitol Hill place is called La Plaza. It's on Penn. I've been a few times. Liked it, but would say it is comparable to Las Placitas down a few blocks. A solid 6 out of 10 for me.

          2. re: Glover Park Resident

            She used to park her truck on Columbia Road near 16th Street. Tacos weren't bad, though you can get better right around the corner at Ercilias.

            1. re: Glover Park Resident

              Where is your favorite place for margaritas in DC???

              1. re: sbs
                Glover Park Resident

                I like Guapos for a regular margarita on the rocks (with the exception of a few items, I think the margaritas are better than the food). Don Lobos in Georgetown makes a nice margarita too.

                When I'm in the mood for something really nice I go to Andale. I think they make an excellent margarita. I find the food to be consistently good too.

                1. re: Glover Park Resident

                  I second Andale for the food and especially the margaritas. I was pleasantly surprised to find one (or three) in DC that were good.

                2. re: sbs

                  At my house. Good Tequila (100% agave), Cointreau, fresh sqeezed lime, ice and simple syrup - shake vigorously. That's it except for a lot of love.

                  The only acceptable replacements are other orange liqueurs. Triple sec is only barely okay, Grand Marnier is very good but does not have the bitter orange peel flavor of Cointreau, and Curacao. All Curacaos, regardless of color, taste the same and are of quite high quality-crisp, orangey and not overly sweet, so a blue Curacao Tidy Bowl Marguerita is actually pretty damn good.

            2. I'm partial to the salsas at Taqueria Poblano in Del Ray and Guajillo in Arlington on Wilson Boulevard. Both are really smoky, with a minimum amount of cilantro, which I can't stand. At TP, the chips and salsa also come with sliced jicama, which is a really nice touch.

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