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Dec 19, 2004 08:46 PM

Halal fried chicken?

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A Muslim friend of mine is keen on finding some good halal fried chicken. Anybody know someplace in the area (preferably Northern Virginia)?

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  1. There is a halal Popeye's in Arlington.


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    1. re: CarrotStick

      I didn't know they were Halal....which doesn't make a difference to me.

      Otherwise, It's your standard Popeye's and the staff is really nice.

      Near the intersection of Glebe & Pershing, a block from Ravi Kabob.

      1. re: microwave15

        All Pakistani and Afghan Restaurants serve Halal meats which includes chicken.
        Shiney's at Markham Rd. in Annandale
        Village Kabob at Annandale Rd & Route 50
        Kabob Express on Columbia Pike
        Laziza, 295 S. Van Dorn in Alexandria
        Chutney, Brookfield :laza Springfield.
        O's Chinese Restaurant in Alex.
        Kabaob Palace and Punjab Kabob on Eads St.& 23 St.

        1. re: naruda

          What kind of food is Village Kabob?

          1. re: Steve


            Village Kabob is a Pakistani kabob house across the street from Pho Sate. They serve the typical Pakistani kabos including Chapli. The chick peas (chole, I think?) are pretty good (less greasy than most places). The kabobs are nice but not quite as good as Ravi Kabob. I tried the lamb kabob (medium rare) and I enjoyed it.

            In addition to the kabobs, curries, etc. I think they also serve gryos and some sandwiches.

            Given the choice between Ravi and Village Kabob I would probably go to Ravi Kabob.


          2. re: naruda

            Some of the restaurants do not have fried chicken as menu item but they will be willing to make it for you.
            they already have the batter for Pakoras. They will just dip the chicken and fry it. Laziza does have fried drumsticks on the menu.

      2. The Popeye's in Arlington offers halal chicken - you have to have a minimum order of 12 or 20 pieces I think ... call them for details