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Aug 20, 2001 06:54 PM


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Does anybody know where I can buy this Mangosteen fruit here in the Bay Area? I have heard so many great things about it and would love to taste it for myself.


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  1. If you find out (other than from a posting here) please let me know.

    I fear they do not travel well.

    The mangosteens I had looked like giant blueberries, and the flesh inside (the skin is inedible) reminded me of blueberry as well (though it could have been partly its appearance that made me suggestable).

    Good luck in finding them!

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      Hmm... I just did some web searching, and someone is planning to import them to the bay area. See the URL link:


      1. re: Syre

        I have eaten the mangosteen in Indonesia- they called it MANGGIS. The description on the website by Syre is very accurate.

        The edible part inside is white and very soft. It is quite good actually - slightly on the sour side but very very pleasant. It also has seeds that is somewhat mushy.

        Another exotic fruit is rambutan - the small and short haired-greenish variety is heavenly. It taste uniquely sweet (special sweet) and has a flesh that is soft but firm. You can eat them endlessly if not careful.

        The ones they sell in the cans at US asian market is the big red hairy variety and does not taste as impressive. In fact you can get tired of it rather quickly.

        1. re: Han Lukito

          After having some of the best fruit of my life in Southeast Asia I've given up trying to recapture that taste here in the US. I will not buy star fruit and I've given up on lychee,which I prefer over rambutan. Some things just aren't meant to be and we might be better off that way. Anything that would be ripe enough to be memorable just wouldn't survive the shipping from whatever tropical clime. It's just more special when you can't have that perfect mangosteen unless you're in Thailand or wherever. It's not exotic but I'm loving some of the stone fruit out there right now.

          1. re: Han Lukito

            Back home in Singapore when I was younger, we ate rambutans right off the tree at my grandparent's place. I haven't even dreamed of trying them here.

            1. re: Han Lukito

              My first taste of mangosteen was on the island of Bali and that was still the best. The ones I've tried in Hong Kong or Singapore didn't hit those heights. The most delicious fruit in the world.

        2. Tony,mangosteen has a taste reminiscent of a pear but there is an unusual characteristic as the fruit also has a piquant "hot" taste that actually raises body temperature. In Malaysia, where I have eaten it, the Chinese are a bit wary of eating it as the fruit has been known to sicken people with bad hearts.In the bay area I have seen mangosteen in Chinatown. You might also try the Berkeley Bowl as they specialise in tropical fruits and vegetables. If they haven't got it they will be able to tell you who does.

          1. I have never seen mangoseteen in the bay area markets. I was in Vancouver over Fourth of July weekend and we made a special trip to its Chinatown and found they have a lot more exotic fruits then we do here in the U.S. My friend said their import laws are more relaxed and so they get more stuff at cheaper prices. I wouldn't say the prices were any cheaper than here in the Bay Area, but they definitely had some fruits that I've never seen before. I tried mangosteen for the first time. It has a hard outer shell that you cut around and twist open. The inside is segments of milky white flesh, which to me reminded me of yogurt drinks like Yugloo. It's sweet and sour. I don't know if I liked it or not...I think it might be an acquired taste. I grew up with fruits like leechees and longon nuts, I love them, yet others have told me they tasted weird. Maybe if I had more than a few bites of mangosteen I would like them more.