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Dec 14, 2004 07:36 AM

Good, cheap, and quick around Foggy Bottom/GWU?

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I'm meeting a business associate for a quick lunch today and Foggy Bottom/GWU is about mid-way between our offices. Can anyone suggest something good and cheap and quickish in the area? I think there's an Indian place close by but the name escapes me. Anyway, we're game for anything.

Thanks -


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  1. -Kaz Sushi Bistro
    -Lindy's gets recs here but eh
    -Aroma is an indian place next to Kaz on Eye St. - only time I was there was about 5 years ago.
    -you could always go to J-Street at the GW student union, but that is probably just nostalgia talking
    -Kinkeads at the bar would seem to be quick... never done it though

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    1. re: Dave

      Thanks. Yes, Aroma is the place I was thinking of. I went to Breadline a while ago and found it "eh" at best; perhaps it's time to try again.


      1. re: ANCyM

        Two things:
        First, you can really go right or wrong at Breadline depending on what you order. If you are talking about Tuesday, then I suggest (in order of preference)the Italian Sausage Sandwich, the felafel, the egg salad, or the mediterranean pizza- all regular menu items. The Tuesday specials are not interesting. Really and truly stick to these recs.

        Second, if you want very quick and cheap, then try DJ's Fastbreak at 22nd and G Sts. It is a Korean dive with a cafeteria line, popular with GW staff, profs, students not afraid of a little heat. If you don't mind spicy, then the tofu chighe or the gyoza udon noodle soups - get the gyoza fried, (either one with chicken)are 5 bucks and deeply satisfying on a cold day. They have a large selection there, everything from hamburgers, cheesesteaks, etc., but stick with the pan-Asian. This is one wierd place and needs to be experienced at least once.

        1. re: Steve

          Speaking of Breadline, I tried the Breadline BLT a certain WaPost reviewer is always lauding and definitely had the "eh" experience (more like a "WTF?" experience actually)after making a special trip to the place since it get's so much pub from 'hounds. (Interestingly though, contrary to the rep, the staff and counter folk were quite pleasant). I'll try some of your recs next time.

          1. re: Jay

            The BLT at Breadline is an acceptable choice IF ordered on a ciabatta. They have a killer BBQ sandwich on Fridays - also ask for this on a ciabatta. Other specials to look out for are the Cubano on Thursdays and the Philly Cheesesteak on Mondays.

            1. re: Jay

              I had the prosciutto today, pretty good. Nice, tasty walnut bread though a bit dry around the edges. Good filling of meat, fig spread, gorgonzola, and rocket. A little pricey - damn near eight bones for the treat and no drink too!


              1. re: Jay

                I also tried the Breadline BLT a couple years ago, when tomatoes were in season & it was $7.50. I also was underwhelmed by the quality & put off by the high price (since it came with nothing on the side) My office is far from Breadline anyway so I rarely go.

          2. re: Dave

            While not cheap certainly, Marcel's on Pennsylvania Avenue, is excellent and gets you in and out very quickly with great service. Note: they have free limo service from the restaurant to the Kennedy Center.

            1. re: foodiejudy

              This doesn't help the OP. Marcel's is not open for lunch.

              1. re: foodiejudy

                We ate at Marcel's last November before going to see Bounce. It was excellent and the limo ride was nice, too.
                I highly recommend it for a great but afordable meal.