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looking for latkes

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sometime in the next week i'd like to get some delicious hanukah-appropriate latkes. is there anyplace, esp. near capitol hill, but elsewhere will do, where i can get some for dine in or take out? sour cream must be available with the latkes!

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  1. I hear Whole Foods has had them.

    1. When I can't cook 'em, the frozen ones from Trader Joe are pretty good.

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        I agree that TJ's are surprisingly decent, but unmatched by home prep. This year everyone seems to be using Yukon Gold.

      2. Latkes are one dish that really is best freshly made at home. They brighten your whole house and bring the whole family (and maybe a few neighbors) together in your kitchen.
        While some time is required they really are easy to make. Email me if you would like a great old family recipe.

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        1. re: chef marty

          thanks! i've got an excellent family recipe, but part of my family's hanukah celebration has always been to go to ratner's on the lower east side in manhattan for latkes. i'm mostly hoping for someplace to go, rather than take out, but figured if i found great fresh take-out latkes, that might be a good close second. i usually make latkes every year, but wait till an opportunity when i can get people 'round the table to enjoy them!

        2. Not near Capitol Hill, but I'm certain I've seen latkes on the menu at Parkway Deli in Silver Spring. If they're not regularly served with sour cream, I'm sure it's available on request!

          Parkway Deli
          8317 Grubb Road
          Silver Spring, MD 20910

          Phone: 301.587.1427

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            yes Grubb Road does have them and serves them up with applesauce and sour cream- but I think they are nothing like a latke I have had at home- more like a fried potato patty and not even as good (?) as McD's- the last time I was there- I so wanted to order them- becuase I love them and my boyfriend said- honey you are dissapointed everytime- and this time I did resist. Otherwise I like their food very much.

          2. I got some at Balducci's last night. They were pretty good. Not as good as freshly made, but for a weeknight they definitly worked.

            1. Unfortunately, the place where I've had really good latkes is not anywhere near the Hill. It's the Parkway Deli on Grubb Road in Silver Spring, just off of East West Highway. Very tasty and not greasy at all!

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                ok--parkway deli is on the list. thanks!

              2. Try the JCC on 16th Street. At my last job, we used to order special meals from the JCC for a member who kept Kosher.

                Link: http://www.dcjcc.org/about/cafe.php

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                  this sounds great! i'll check it out!

                2. I'll second chef marty's recommendation to make the latkes at home. I used to have a Jewish girlfriend who was a really good, creative chef, and if I recall she would rough-shred half of the potatoes and fine-shred the other half, then mix them together to get the crispy outside with a bordering-on-gooey inside (which is the perfect latke).

                  Here's a random latke recipe that sounds pretty good:

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                    Strum is looking for latkes already made, not a lecture on how much better they are made at home w/recipes. That he/she can get on the new board chowhound has provided for all of us.
                    Try Wholefoods or Krupins.

                  2. Not close to Capitol Hill but I've had the latkes at Chutzpah in the Fairfax Towne Center (near Fair Oaks Mall) and they were decent. Not as good as the ones at Canter's in LA, but nicely crisp. As an aside, I have never tried it but my parents recommend the chopped chicken liver there, too.

                    Link: http://www.chutzpahdeli.com/

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                      perfect!!!! thanks!!

                    2. Although this may sound a little weird, the latkes/potato pancakes at Cafe Berlin on the Hill are really good. They are on the appetizer menu, and are not greasy at all. Served with sour cream and applesauce.

                      Perhaps they would make a whole tray for you, and still be hot when you arrive at your party.

                      1. I have had excellent latkes at Whole Food and Balducci (Sutton Place Gourmet).

                        Please let us know how the commercial brands compare to home made.