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Aug 17, 2001 07:44 PM

Old Italian in Sonoma County

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Starting a new thead, Duke Dee asks: "know the name of that old style Italian Restaurant in Cotati or Rohnert Park?"

Doesn't ring a bell, maybe you meant Occidental? Here's a link to a previous post.


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  1. How Old? Do you mean The Cotati Inn, which closed probably in the mid-fifties? Or the Green Mill, which is still open on Old Redwood Hwy.. Or Lorenzo's in Rohnert Park, which no longer exists.
    Or maybe you mean Sissa's, which closed in the mid Seventies. What do you mean by 'old'?

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      I just re-read the message. For old style, perhaps you are meaning Nicolino''s, in downtown Cotati.

      1. re: MarkB

        Do you recommend any of these places?

        Was asked recently by someone who used to live in the County whether Green Mill was still around. Now I know what to say.