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Aug 15, 2001 05:28 PM

Any tips on dining in the French Riviera?

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Nice, Cannes, Menton, Monaco...

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  1. you might get more responses if you asked this question over on the International board.

    1. For upscale dining, try any of the following (all two star restaurants in the Guide Michelin): Jacques Chibois in Grasse (creative food, a great place to stay as well); L'Oasis in La Napoule(Asian accented French food; try lunch on the terrace); or Jacques Maximim (a chef who has had his ups and downs, but is in a groove). For more casual food, try Mere Besson or Caveau 30 both in Cannes. Avoid the Alain Ducasse restaurant in Monaco. Pretentious, expensive, a waste.

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        Are you refering to the Louis XV in the square across from the casino?

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            In what part of the Bay Area are these places?

            1. re: MarkB

              These places are in the minds of many people currently located in the Bay Area, as this thread illustrates.

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                Why not move this discussion to the International Board?

      2. Thanks for posting your inquiry on the International Board (linked below). Responses should be posted there.

        You might also want to use the search engine on the Chowhound main page to find earlier posts for your destinations.