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Best sushi in Baltimore?

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Best sushi place in Baltimore is...?
Are any of these places much better than Sushi Sono in Columbia?
As my wife is a vegetarian, do any of these places have any creative vegetarian rolls?

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  1. I really like Matsuri in Federal Hill, I think it's the best and also Samurai Sushi in the Cross Street market

    1. Best how? Freshest, most creative, most traditional? Perhaps all of these?

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        Well, probably most creative, because I'm looking for a place with interesting vegetarian rolls.

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          I like Chiu's sushi (Inner Harbor East) and it has a long list of interesting rolls. I'm not sure how many of them are vegetarian (I assume you mean no fish), but I know there are at least a couple.

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            I love Chiu's too! Many, many choices. Lots of interesting stuff.

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              I used to love Chui's but had such a trrible experiance I will never, ever return!

      2. Here is the link for Matsuri, unfortunately they don't list all of their sushi rolls but they do have a good amount of vegetarian selections@

        Link: http://www.matsuri.us/

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          Don't know if its the best, but the Kawasaki Cafe on S.Ann Street (Fells Pt)has some interesting rolls and 13 vegetable rolls. I can fax you a menu if you want. Just let me know.

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              Nasu Blanca. Not advertised as sushi restaurant, but where I go when the craving hits! The spicy tuna tempura is the best I have ever had. The lobster/asparagus tempura is also beautifully lightly battered and served with a devine mustard sauce. On my last visit, I had a paper thinly sliced yellow fin in a yuzu sauce. It was fresh, delicate, and delicious. They also offer edamame, & a hearty veg tempura. They have happy hour weekdays also with $4 wine, and discounted tapas. YUM

          1. It's also in Columbia, but Sushi King has some really innovative rolls. I like it there - it's our go to place when we want some sushi. In Baltimore city, I like Matsuri.
            If you feel like heading to DC, Sushi Taro is really good.

            1. OOPS! I didn't even notice that the original post was from 2004! But the advice still holds!

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                I agree with both of those recs, whenever they're made.

              2. Why are we bringing this old thread back???
                As was true then, and is still true now, the best sushi in Baltimore is Chiyo Sushi in Mt. Washington at the bus loop. Go there now. You will agree.

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                  Chiyo is good, so is Matsuri. But, I think that Edo sushi (I like the one in Owings Mills on reisterstown) is by far the freshest and most tasty sushi around. Not to mention that the restaurant is so clean you could eat off the floor (which is not always the case in sushi restaurants). I also like Sushi Hana as well.