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Nov 19, 2004 07:28 AM

Best sushi in Baltimore?

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Best sushi place in Baltimore is...?
Are any of these places much better than Sushi Sono in Columbia?
As my wife is a vegetarian, do any of these places have any creative vegetarian rolls?

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  1. I really like Matsuri in Federal Hill, I think it's the best and also Samurai Sushi in the Cross Street market

    1. Best how? Freshest, most creative, most traditional? Perhaps all of these?

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      1. re: Ramon

        Well, probably most creative, because I'm looking for a place with interesting vegetarian rolls.

        1. re: Yovi

          I like Chiu's sushi (Inner Harbor East) and it has a long list of interesting rolls. I'm not sure how many of them are vegetarian (I assume you mean no fish), but I know there are at least a couple.

          1. re: atls14620

            I love Chiu's too! Many, many choices. Lots of interesting stuff.

            1. re: Sam

              I used to love Chui's but had such a trrible experiance I will never, ever return!

      2. Here is the link for Matsuri, unfortunately they don't list all of their sushi rolls but they do have a good amount of vegetarian selections@


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          Don't know if its the best, but the Kawasaki Cafe on S.Ann Street (Fells Pt)has some interesting rolls and 13 vegetable rolls. I can fax you a menu if you want. Just let me know.

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              Nasu Blanca. Not advertised as sushi restaurant, but where I go when the craving hits! The spicy tuna tempura is the best I have ever had. The lobster/asparagus tempura is also beautifully lightly battered and served with a devine mustard sauce. On my last visit, I had a paper thinly sliced yellow fin in a yuzu sauce. It was fresh, delicate, and delicious. They also offer edamame, & a hearty veg tempura. They have happy hour weekdays also with $4 wine, and discounted tapas. YUM

          1. It's also in Columbia, but Sushi King has some really innovative rolls. I like it there - it's our go to place when we want some sushi. In Baltimore city, I like Matsuri.
            If you feel like heading to DC, Sushi Taro is really good.