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Aug 15, 2001 01:16 AM

Napa Valley Wine Train Food - is it worth it ?

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I reserved two seats (me and my wife) for sept 6. I heard lots of good things about dining on this train and the views. Paid $180 for the two of us.

Are they good and comparable to the gourmet places like Domain Chandon / Masa in SF ? Any comments will be appreciated. Or should I be trying some other gourmet places in Napa area ?

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  1. The Wine Train left such an impression in my mind that I have to write a reply.

    DON'T GO!!

    I went quite a few years back. I tried it because I had surgery and couldn't walk. The food was only so so and definitely not worth the money they were charging. The view was disappointing because you are stuck on the train running along HWY 29. My brother, against my advice, went about 2 years ago and felt the same way as I did.

    May be someone can tell me if the food has improved since then.

    There are so many great restaurants and great wineries that you can visit. You can't do that if you are stuck on a train.

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      Thank you very much for your kind advice. Your reply just made me chuckled because your starting sentence seemed like you like it.

      I will tell my wife to cancel the reservation - we will probably go to Domain Chandon or try our luck at FL and other gourmet places there.