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Aug 14, 2001 08:41 PM

Where to Find Good South Indian Food?

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Most Indian food served in the U.S. are Northern Indian food (Breads of India, Amber India, Scenic India all pretty much serve northern cuisine). Does anybody have any recommendation on south Indian cuisine?

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  1. Here's a link to the thread about the Udipi restaurant in Sunnyvale. I think they are springing up in other bay area cities. We are lucky to have so many Indian restaurants in our area!


    1. you may also want to check out this thread . . .


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        Hope you caught my mention that Dasaprakash has moved to Santa Clara. The LA chowhounds are in mourning - this was the best South Indian in Little India or maybe all of SoCal. Would love to hear a first-hand report.


      2. Vik's Chaat Corner in on 4th Street and Alston Way in Berkeley is great, but unfortunately, it closes at 6pm during the week and 6:30 on weekends (closed monday), so it's mainly for lunch or a really early dinner.

        It's also self-service in a warehouse on paper plates, but the price can't be beat and it's very popular with Indians.

        You might also try the Chaat Cafe on University Avenue or Shaan Restaurant on San Pablo Ave, both of which are highly recommended and are more restauranty.