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Nov 10, 2004 10:33 AM

Kyodai - Rotating Sushi Bar - Towson

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Has anyone tried this place yet?

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  1. Kaitenzushi?

    1. YES!!! and it's GREAT!!!!

      1. This is the "sushi train" that's a couple of doors down from Paolo's, correct? We tried it perhaps two years ago, give or take a few months. Sorry I can't recall specifics, but we left saying to ourselves, "Well, we tried _that_." (i.e., it satisfied our curiosity). I think Towson has two better reviewed sushi places... search this board for more on them.

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        1. re: paulyr

          Ive been to most of the sushi spots in Towson. Sushi Hana def has great sushi, my wife and family enjoy that spot the best. I just have an issue with the service. Well, just one server really. Everytime I go there, I always get the same server, and she always finds a way to screw it up. In fact I went once for lunch with my wife, and she completely forgot my order. I waited 20 minutes while my wife finished her meal, and finally asked her. She knew nothing about it. She kind of ruined it for me, left a bad taste in my mouth so to speak. That aside,the food is good, and I love the calamari.

        2. Well, as the City Paper (I think) review puts it, it's not the best sushi in Towson, nor is it the best sushi on its own street! I think Sushi Hana is better, and San Sushi around the corner is pretty good too. I'd say the sushi here is slightly above average, but it's a relatively more affordable way of having sushi, and the fun factor of the conveyor belts makes up for a little quality. My boyfriend loves the rotating experience over the freshness and creativity of Sushi Hana's sushi.

          1. My teenage son loves this place because it is as quick as McDonalds. Sorry to say, it is fast food Sushi. We have been several times but never again. Awful.

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            1. re: Bayfront

              I'm with Bayfront on this one. Low quality sushi that gets worse as it sits under its plastic cover (and the fact that it moves slowly around the restaurant while it sits really doesn't make any difference). Even the prices aren't actually that good if you want anything beyond a california roll or spicy tuna roll. Avoid.