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Aug 14, 2001 12:41 AM

Burke and Wells de-lurk as SF Bay Area Chowhounds!

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We have lurked too long--it's time we started giving back.

Thank you, Bay Area Chowhounds, for so much wisdom. We've been lurking here for months, reading the posts, visiting recommendations, planning every food trip to San Francisco around Chowhound reviews. We've gotten an idea of who likes what and why, and what's important to Chowhounds.

We started on the International Board because of our June trip to Paris. Amazing as that was (it generated so many reviews!), we're back in the Bay Area now and we want to contribute.

We've hesitated at first, because we live in the SOUTH Bay. Almost all our explorations (five years of tasting and trying) has been confined to the South Bay and the Peninsula. Only in the last few months have we started exploring San Francisco--clearly there's a lot to taste!

Finally I just had to ask if anyone knew of a cheese cart worth the name, and you all just jumped in, so helpful and friendly! We're deeply grateful, and we're going to start putting our experiences up on the SF board and on our site (link below).

So thanks again, and it's great to be part of the Chowhounds SF Bay Area community!

Peter and Gary
Burke and Wells


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  1. Peter & Gary - We're delighted to have intrepid eaters like you in the fold. This is the San Francisco BAY AREA board which takes in the 9 Bay Area counties including the South Bay and Peninsula areas. Please feel free to post your experiences from throughout the region here.

    And, now that I know you're in the South Bay, I have another item to add to the cheese cart thread.

    1. Welcome, welcome.

      1. Welcome, Peter and Gary! I live in the south bay, too, and would love to hear your opinions on places in our neck of the woods. :)

        1. welcome to chowhound! we're happy to have you. i'll find out the name of a chinese restaurant down in south bay that my friend's been telling me about.

          1. You have a really neat site, and I enjoy your tales and comments, both for the substance as well as the style!
            Looking forward to hearing more from you!