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Nov 6, 2004 08:05 PM

Anne Arundel Sunday Brunch

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Could someone please suggest a nice place for Sunday brunch in Anne Arundel CO other than downtown Annapolis? Someplace scenic and serene? Buffet style preferred but not essential. Think: lovely old inn on the water, etc.. Thanks.

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  1. You could try the Officers Club at the Naval Academy. Also, Chesapeake Harbor's restaurant called Sams Waterfront has a nice brunch, but I don't think it's a buffet.

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      Is the Officers' Club at the Naval Academy open to the public? Any contact information? Interesting idea but don't know whether it's possible.

      1. re: N Tocus

        Even though the website says it's only open to members for brunch, the rules have changed and anybody can make a reservation. At $16.95 pp (non-member and kids under age 5 are now $2) it is a great way to entertain out of town guests and give them a flavor of the military formality side of Annapolis. Seatings are 10:00am or 12:30pm. You can't drive onto the campus without a DOD pass, but it's an easy walk and fun to walk around the grounds before or after you eat.