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Aug 11, 2001 01:41 PM

Menus on Web Page

  • j

Is there any way, through boycott or Mafia-type threats, we can force restaurants to all have web pages, including maps, details, and menus? I realize some are so incredibly successful that they don't want more business, but I am getting to the point where I won't frequent a place for the first time without seeing what's available and the prices.

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  1. I like a preview too and will often ask restaurants to fax me a menu.

    1. and have quite a number of menus posted. I often check them out.

      I also have a habit of going through menus posted outside restaurants. Usually I eat at one place and scope out the other places in the neighborhood. On a few occasions, I've stopped into a restaurant just to get a copy of their takeout menu or to look through their menu.