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Oct 22, 2004 08:33 AM

Any great restaurants in the Owings Mills area?

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I'm unfamiliar with the Owings Mills area. Are there any great places to eat?

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  1. my favourite restaurant on that side of town is salsa grill on security blvd in the mall just inside the beltway. don't let the location fool you, the food is quite good.

    attached a link to previous owings mills discussion. hope this is useful.

    mari luna, the art gallery cafe, and sun, moon & stars are three new restaurants in the area that have been recently reviewed by the sun (for the reviews, go to and scroll down the page). caveat: i have not been to any of them.

    two other restaurants of note on that side of town, not in owings mills though. rudy's 2900 in reisterstown; szeshaun best on liberty road for authentic chinese.

    good luck. let us know if you find anything good!


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      the answer to the question about owings mills

      Rudy's 2900 is in Finksburg, not Reisterstown, which is about a half hor from 21117.

    2. Though part of the Outback chain, Bonefish Grill has opened (or will open asap) in the little strip center next to the Ravens facility on Owings Mills Blvd. Bonefish has gotten good posts on this board and seems to be a notch or two above Outback (which is also in that strip center, as well as a Cheeburger Cheeburger).

      I heard a Beltway Gourmet segment on WBAL for the Sunmoonstars cafe and it sounded very good. It's off Red Run Blvd near the Post Office (link below).




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      1. Owings Mills Area?

        Try Harriman(?)Harryman House on Main St Reisterstown..A few Miles up the road is Rudy's 2900
        on Rte 140 towards Westminster
        Also heading south there is Linwoods and Due just
        off Reisterstown Rd...There is a Ruth Chris just at the beltway interchange...


        1. My favorite is Artful Gourmet Bistro. They are on Lakeside Not far from owings mills mall. Great fresh food and really nice owners. Worth the trip.

          1. Hello,

            First off, skip LIBERATORE'S, whatever you do. I live behind the Owings Mills New Town location, and wouldn't go there if you held a gun to my head. For variety, I have tried this place(and it's counterpart in Eldersburg)since it is so close. I have had stringy eggplant, overcooked filet, and frozen desert. However, the last time I was there was with a friend from out of town. He had been there before and liked it. We asked them how late they were opened, and showed up 15 minutes before. They said they closed the kitchen early...Sorry. We went back the next night after a lacrosse game, clean clothes, hats on due to helmet head. The little sissy owner waited till our poor server took out wine order, then made the SERVER tell us we needed to take our hats off. We refused, the owner tried to charge us for the wine, we left. I've never been back.

            Do yourself a favor. Go to the "Artful Gourmet". Same neighborhood, WAY BETTER. Open kitchen, good inexpensive wine list, great specials, outside dining in the summer, Operating Room Clean Bathrooms, great servers, good music. It's a can't miss.

            Sushi: Edo Sushi is great. I rate it maybe #2 or #3 on my all time favorite list. It's on Reisterstown Rd, near Tweeter. It's BYOB, so you can have your favorite. Try the specials, Tuna Tartare is great, Chesapeake Roll is always good too. They also have great tempura/grill items if you are with sombody who doesn't like raw items.

            Harryman House: Good choice. Nice wine list. Pecan crusted fish is good, salmon,flounder. They fired there old chef, and the food has gotten much better since.

            Cibo: Hard to find. Decent. Had a good pasta/duck meal. Decent steak. Good small fire grilled pizza's. Check for wine specials, cause they run a little $$$ for what you get.

            Linwods/Due: Lot's of fuss. VERY $$$$. Small portions. Good food. Save it unless you have an expense account.

            Everfresh: A grocery store near Harryman House. Don't miss it. Russian owned, but GREAT produce, meat and condiments. Very cheap too. Translators are all around also.

            Wine: New town, next to the Giant in the strip mall. GREAT wine selection, very helpful, well stocked, good prices. Also, there is a great bagel place next to it. Good lox, fresh meats.

            Pizza/Italian: Can't remember the name of it, but it's behind "Artful Gourmet". Great spinach, meatballs, Deitz & Watson subs, garlic knots, pizza, entrees, etc... They deliver free to new town.

            Hope this helped.


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              The wine place suggested above I think is rather overrated.