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Oct 14, 2004 09:58 PM

Cheesesteak subs in Baltimore

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The last thread on cheesesteak subs in Baltimore focused on the eastside; Capt. Harvey's and Philly Gil's in the Broadway market. I have long thought that Hilltop carry-out on Fort Avenue in south Baltimore make a quite good cheesesteak sub. What distinguishes the Philly-style sub is the quality of the roll and the quality AND quantity of the steak, IMO Hilltop is comparable to Geno's and Pat's if not quite at the level of John's near Snyder and Tony Luke's.

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  1. I've never been there, but MaGerk's Pub in Federal Hill (1061 S. Charles St., 410-576-9230) uses Amoroso's rolls.


    1. Interesting comments. Is this a recent development? I have been to Hilltop many times but I haven't gone in a while because I thought it was perfectly mediocre. I remember them using the standard H&S roll every place in this town uses. I no way would I put it in the Philly class. I would be interested to know if they have changed things.

      MaJerks used to use Amaroso. I don't know if they still do. I have heard they stopped. I know for sure the size of the steak has been dramatically reduced. This place is far too concerned with pouring as much Miller Lite as possible and getting the college crowd (and those who want to hang with the college crowd) drunk on over priced mixed drinks than they are with a decent steak anymore. I have personally black listed this place. I can't even stand to walk by it on a Friday or Saturday evening.

      By the way, I completely agree with your Philly assessment. Pat's and Geno's are good but Tony Luke's is the best IMHO.

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        Totally agree on your assessment of what you aptly call MaJerks. It is painful.

        I visited friends in Philadelphia over the summer and had a pork and broccoli rabe sammy at Tony Luke's. Wow. Totally incredible. If anyone here made anything like it I'd be there but I don't think anyone does.

        Incidentially, I was in Berkeley, CA a few weeks ago and ate at Chez Panisse for lunch. I had a torte like thing filled with--guess what--roasted pork and broccoli rabe. My husband took a few bites and said, “hmmm, just like Tony Luke’s.” It cracked me up but it really was kind of reminiscent of my Tony Luke’s sandwich. Of course, that was the only thing about Chez Panisse that reminded me of Tony Luke’s.

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          Excellent post and point well taken about Tony Lukes' roast pork with sharp provolone and rabe. which is even better than the cheesesteak. It is a real treat for any hounds who get up Philly way.

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          Tony Luke's is great....but have you ever had Jim's (on South Street) or Chubby's (near manayunk)?

        3. I'm absolutly addicted to the Hilltop cheesesteaks - but I'm no Philly purist. I prefer what I think of as the "Baltimore style" which inbcludes lettuce, tomato and a healthy dose of mayo. Philly Gil's lost my business when they sent me on my way with a FOIL PACKET of mayo. Along with Hilltop, Pepe's (Falls Rd above Northern) turns out a good one. Beware; if you order a "whole" sub you will get two subs. Not a bad think if you're like me and enjoy the singular treat I like to call "Carsteak". Once those bad boys have sat around at room temp for a couple hours the flavor permeates each and every molecule of roll.

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            well well well, look who's back :-)

            What's shakin'?

          2. I had a terrible sandwich at Geno's. the meat was grey, and the guy making them had a cold and snot was running out of nose and into the sandwiches he was making. I couldn't believe it.

            Ramon found an interesting link about Philly cheesesteaks. It really got me in the mood for one, so I too am interested in where to go in Baltimore.


            1. Wow,

              No mention of SIP "N" BITE in Canton?? I think they rank up there with any cheesesteak i've EVER had. Let me know.