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Aug 10, 2001 02:26 PM

Seattle chowhound in SF for a morning

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Hi there
I'll be visiting San Fran for a very short trip and will have one morning to spend exploring a neighborhood. Any suggestions? I'd love a great coffee shop and some interesting places to see before I head back to Seattle. My hotel is on Market Street, so it would have to be a fairly short cab ride from that area......

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  1. If you like to walk, it's a nice walk to head thru downtown, out thru Chinatown and then into North Beach. Lots to see and eat out that way (for specific suggestions do a search from the main page).

    I also like Fillmore Street - that could include Japantown and upper Fillmore (chi chi shopping and good eats) - and if you are really ambitious head down thru Pacific Heights and down towards Union Street and Fort Mason (it's downhill that way!)

    Or even Polk Street out beyond Bush (Bob's Donuts at California!) - little shops and cafes and such and a nice walk.

    It's pretty easy to get around SF via public transit or walking - these would all be short cab rides too.

    I've included a link to the SF Muni (bus) system, it has a pretty good city map to give you an idea of where things are.

    Let me know if you have specific questions and have a good trip!