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Oct 7, 2004 02:21 PM

Thai on Greenmount -- questions

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I've driven past Thai Restaurant on Greenmount a few times, and I think saw it mentioned in Zagat's. Can anyone fill me in on this place? I love Thai -- so far I've tried Thai One On (bad name, good Pad Thai) and Thai Landing (very good) but I still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. Is Thai Restaurant good? Pricey? Any other Thai recommendations appreciated. Thanks!

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    Haven't been there since it changed ownership. I LOVE BanThai (N.Charles below Thai Landing near Mick O'Shea's)and Bangkok Place on York Rd near Greenmount. ThaiGour in Glen Burnie has also changed ownership and is more pricey for less quantity. Disappointing. Stay away from Chokchai (Harford Rd), unless you're desparate. Thai Heaven is okay if you're on the westside of town (Catonsville). If I can't have my mom's food (we're Thai), I'd try those two. There's a place in Canton that's next on my list to try, think its called Thai Jai Dee. There's also Thai Arroy in Federal Hill, friends say its good, but I have yet to try it myself.

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      If you like Thai One On in Towson, you'll like Thai Jai Dee in Canton, same owners. They started another on with their relatives. Same great food, Thai or Japanese.

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        Columbia has an excellent Thai restaurant, Bangkok Garden, next to the Oakland Mills village center. For appetizers, kanom jeeb, a which is a dumpling, and a samosa-style pastry are excellent. Penang curry and drunken noodles stand out as entrees.

    2. I don't like it as much as I used to since it changed ownership but I still go from time to time. They serve a larb entree with chicken in larger pieces rather than ground. I usually get that because I love larb so much that I enjoy it as an entree. My favorite Thai place is Thai Landing and I also like Thai Arroy--they have really good appetizers. I think Thai Restaurant is coming in third for me at this point.

      1. I've been going to Thai on Greenmount forever. it's awesome! the food is fresh. the Larb Gai is great! the whole fish w/ chilies is to die for. I love them so much! gracious and kind staff. gets a little croweded on fri and sat nights. but always excellent meals!

        1. I second the greatness of Thai restaurant. I have tried them all in Baltimore and this is still my favorite. My go to stir fries are the basil and green pea with chicken and the cashew nut and dried chili with pork. Their spring rolls and the sweet chili sauce that goes with them are wonderful. The pad thai rocks as well. Try it for sure.