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Aug 9, 2001 12:26 AM

Soto Betawi (Andrew Raskin)

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The correct name of the soup is "Soto Betawi".

I just called JAVA restaurant and confirmed the dish.

For those who just heard this: it is very unique and flavorful soup consist of lamb meat chunks, white broth and other goodies. It is unlike anything that you normally found here in U.S. but very delicious. I highly recommend it. JAVA is located in Geary right after the tunnel if you come from Japantown.

Also Andrew, see the post below for new dishes to try.

I think you are a lucky guy to have liked Indonesian food - it is another planet and zillions of new things to explore. I think it is a treasure for gourmet lovers because they have so many unique and distinct foods. Let me know how your gourmet adventure went !!

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    Andrew Raskin

    Thank you for doing the research. I will definitely go over there soon and let you know how it is.

    Yes, I feel lucky.

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      Andrew Raskin


      Last night I went to Java on Geary and enjoyed the Soto Betawi very much. I also enjoyed otak-otak (fish cake) and the avocado juice. Thank you again for your recommendations!