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Aug 8, 2001 07:41 PM

Looking for Socca to eat in the Bay Area

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Does anyone know where I can go to eat a dish called "Socca" --it is sort of like a crepe/pankcake dish made of chickpea --from southern France. Thanks!!

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    Melanie Wong

    Get in touch with Lalime's in Berkeley or Nizza la Bella in Albany. I haven't had socca at either but they have it on the menu from time to time.

    1. Even in Nice, where the dish is from, there are only a few places to get this dish, mostly around the old pedestrian neighborhood (le vieux Nice). Guess you must have had a craving and are reminescing about a past vacation.

      I'll be in that area in a few weeks (when the weather will still be good and the tourist crush over). I'm already craving the petite friture (panfried smelt and other seafood) at l'Hippocampe in Cap d'Ail, and the brick oven, wood fired thin-crust pizza from just down the street home delivered in 15min for $7.50...

      1. Nizza La Bella, on San Pablo in Albany. It's the only one I've ever had, so can't comment on quality. The meal was great. Very Parisian café/bistro atmosphere. Huge portions.