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Any good eats in Martinsburg, WV?

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Anybody know where I can find deliciousness in Martinsburg? I know where to eat in Shepherdstown and Berkeley Springs but not in Martinsburg. Thanks!

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  1. As a gal who grew up in Martinsburg, and whose parent's still live there, there are very few culinary gems in the area (sadly, if you ask me).

    My favorite place to hit in Martinsburg is the Station Grill, primarily for its crab cake. I find their crab cake to be top, top notch (and I eat a lot of crab cakes in the DC area). They also have good sandwiches (a chicken sandwish with roasted red papers is good) and MD crab soup. The fish I had there was uninteresting, and some people say their steaks are very good. The Station Grill is located on King Street, a block from the library.

    I also like the ice cream store on Queen Street a block or so below the library and main square. Everything is homemade and quite excellent. I recommend the Gingersnap, Grape Nuts, fresh peach, and apple/cherry pie flavors (its real, homemade pie in the ice cream). The name of the store is Rock HIll Creamery and its very close to the Library.

    Another tasty spot is an old pharmacy on Queen Steet (Patterson's) that serves a special sundae called a "Jo Jo." I believe it has peanut butter, choc and marshmallow sauce. Regardless, it is really good. They will also make homemade cherry, vanilla and *maybe* ammonia cokes (a delicacy not found too many places these days...).

    The restaurant at the Stone Bridge country club is also quite good. It is not a stuffy, over-dressed country club type of place, and the chef there is very good. My mother raves about their cream of crab soup (that is alway served with a very good amount of jumbo lump crab). I forget what I had last time I was there, but found it to be good.

    El Ranchero mexican restaurant in a strip mall close to I-81 (off Foxcroft Ave) is always good and reliable, especially for a town like Martinsburg. If you are hungry for Mexican food there, your cravings will be satisfied. Although its good, don't seek this place out if you want super special, or super fabulous mexican food.

    There is a new restaurant on Queen Street that is kind of surprising some of the locals because of its prices ($18 and up for entrees), since it is more than most local dining options. I haven't tried it, but hope to in the coming weeks. It is trying to be upscale, soophisticated and more inventive than other local places, but I have yet to try it.

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      Thanks, Joy. I will be sure to try all of your suggestions!

    2. I was in Martinsburg recently and discovered an excellent new tauqeria. It is called Taqureia El Korita and is located at 1117 N. Queen Street. The tacos are to die for. I tried the pollo and the pastor and was quite pleased with both. They come on the smaller size corn tortillas like the tacos I remember purchasing from stands in Mexico. The lower or external tortilla is slightly fried through some mysterious and wonderful process. It is a really great place in a town in sore need of good food. After stopping there for lunch, I returned there for supper as well.

      1. Be sure to pick up a pepperoni roll -- I believe they're on the counters at most convenience stores in the state.

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          Nope, no pepperoni rolls in this part of the state (again, very sad), so don't get too excited! You have to go further west for that tasty delicacy.

          Thanks for the info, willtmc, on the mexican place. I'll be sure to check it out next time I'm there.

        2. When I taught/lived back in Martinsburg many moons ago, there was a suprisingly good asian restaurant in a strip mall near the Mall. Is it still there? I can't remember the name but the sushi was fresh and the meals were good.

          Sad to hear the food scene has not improved...makes me want to move back and start a pho joint!

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            There are two Asian places in strip malls near the mall...one is a Japanese steak house and it was certainly fine (I'm not a big fan of those steakhouses...I've never eaten anythinginteresting or exceptional at one), the other is a Japanese place in a strip mall closer to the mall that is still open. I can't speak for the second one, as it's been years since I've been.

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              Tried a new place on Queen Street. The Chicken Palace. Peruvian Chicken charbroiled. Very, very tasty. The sides were disappointing and the family dinner package is not for any family I have ever eaten with. The family dinner package had four quarters of chicken (not bad), but the sides were not enough for even two people. Good for those who are on low carb diets.

              Try it, enjoy it.


          2. The asian place in the strip mall next to the mall is called Asian Garden. They now offer chinese as well as japanese. I never eat the chinese, so don't know if it's any good. But their japanese and sushi is still delicious. Right around the block in the strip mall next door a Porkers BBQ jsut opened. Thought the ribs were pretty tasty and the sides seemed to be home made. A nice change of pace. They have very fresh sushi. It's alittle farther, but in Hagerstown the Schmankerl Stube has incredible, authentic consistent german food with great rinks and a pretty fun atmosphere on weekend nights. I am going to have to check out the chicken place on queen street. Saw it recently but was a little hesitant.

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              Moved to Martinsburg about 3 months and I am constantly searching for Good Eats. Last night went to Sharpsburg, MD (about 25 mins from Martinsburg) and had a Black & Blue Burger at Captain Bender's. New owner who has divided the rest. into two atmospheres. One is finer dining/non smoking and the other is the bar, pool tables and casual w/smoking. The burger was very good, onion rings very typical but their menu was interesting and my experience was very pleasant. Will go back when I need a burger fix for sure. Will try other sandwiches and possibly the fine dining side too.

              I was hesitant about the Chicken Palace too, never anyone in there and it never seems to be "really" open for business. But it is and it is good.

              I am anxious to try the BBQ place. Love good BBQ.

              The Metro Cafe on Stephens street has great coffe, excellent milk shakes and the sandwich I had was good (a turkey rueben), but nothing to write home about. Visit for coffee regularly. Great atmosphere and the staff are really friendly.

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                I live in Shepherdstown, and recently went to the Captain Benders/Antietam Cafe for lunch. Pretty Good. Have you tried the Press Room in Shepherdstown. It opened a few months ago. The owner is the former head chef from the Yellow Brick Bank. Really Good. Also, about the BBQ place by the mall in Martinsburg. Stay away from the pulled chicken - it was really dry. But the pulled pork was decent and the ribs good. It's not gourmet - but better than nothing. I moved here about 5 years ago from Arlington where we had every ethnic restaurant within walking distance. The restaurant scene here is really depressing sometimes. As are the grocery stores. Oh, one other place you might want to try is Viva Mexico i Inwood. Again, not gourmet - but decent food cheap. And good for families. Their shrimp fajitas and toquitos are pretty good. It's a family run place right near the Sheetz in Inwood. Other than that, you are on your own! Oh! just thought of another one. I don't know where you moved from, but in downtown Winchester there is an Italian restaurant called VIolinos. Everything is made from scratch. It's a nice place for a good dinner out. A little expensive, but worth it. I haven't been for awhile - but it's one of my favorites and you could be there in 30 minuts or so probably.

            2. Wow, so funny to see that pop up at the top of the home page. I usually just log into the PA board (I live in Pittsburgh now). Grew up in Shepherdstown, was just back to visit my mom, and we went to the Press Room on Christmas Eve. Really good, I would venture better than anything you'll find in Martinsburg.

              I know the OP from a couple years ago said Shepherdstown has more foodie stuff going on than Martinsburg, that's for sure. I'm more and more amazed at the emergence of Mexican places all over WV, though (not just that area). Must be a significant influx of immigrants. No problem with that, just have yet to discover why they have chosen WV particularly. Even saw a "Latino Market" (that was their name for it on the storefront) in Martinsburg when I was there.

              Been a while since I ate at Asian Garden, but always found that passable. Also, there is (was?) a Mexican place in that same plaza that I liked as well, but that's been a few years probably since I've last been. Must be El Ranchero, mentioned in a post above.

              LOL Benders in Sharpsburg, that's hilarious, but new owners, hey, who knows what happens. I just remember it as the town bar really.

              BTW, Lost Dog in Shepherdstown is good for coffee. They were open on Christmas morning for people to get their fix! ;-) This other newish place in Shepherdstown is supposed to be good, but haven't been http://www.stonesoupbistro.com/

              Oh, another place to try also not in Martinsburg is to go the other direction to Tari's in Berkeley Springs (again, OP from a couple years ago probably knows this one). http://www.tariscafe.com/ Bit farther away than Shepherdstown from most parts of Martinsburg.

              Schmankerl Stube was much fun some years ago, great to hear it's still there. I don't get up to downtown Hagerstown much anymore (used to have a friend there, but he moved away).

              Sorry, getting carried away and maybe the rest of you know all these already as well, but I can't help it, too surprised to see this on here. Please continue to share your actual Martinsburg finds! What fun!

              1. My husband and were recently in Shepherdstown to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and wandered into the The Press Room. The experience started our wonderfully--our server (a young college student, presumably) was VERY professional and helpful, and the appetizers were great. Since I have a food allergy, there were only a few items on the menu I could eat, but the server and the kitchen seemed to be very knowledgeable about allergies. I ordered a well-done steak for my entree, and it came black and burnt. I asked the server to have it re-cooked and was shocked when, five minutes later, the manager brought it back and told me to try the center, that only the outside was burnt. I tried the center, and it still tasted burnt. I tried to talk to the manager again, but she argued with me and said that the problem was just that I had ordered a well-done steak, and then walked away in a huff. The server came back and said the steak was not being re-cooked, so my husband (who had already finished his meal) and I decided to pay for what we had eaten and leave. I left very upset and hungry. I must say that I have NEVER experienced that level of unprofessionalism and lack of customer service. I tasted the steak--the manager didn't--and it was burnt. There should have been no question about re-cooking it. I ended up getting a cheeseburger for $3 at a bar across the street (which as acfually quite good). VERY disappoiinted with what seemed to be a very nice restaurant at first. I would NEVER recommend The Press Room!

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                  Try the Oasis club 2485 williamsport pike they have the best steaks in martinsburg also try the hillbilly cheesesteak

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                    Not to get off the subject, but is Rockhill Creamery still open? Sounds good and the weather is right.

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                      Sorry but Rockhill Creamery is no longer open on Queen Street. One place I would like to get to is Antietam Dairy in Waynesboro Pa.

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                        Hooray, the Rock hill Creamery is open again on Apple Harvest Drive which is Rt 45 right past the Target shopping center. I went the other day and had Dreamsicle and strawberry. mmmmmmmmmm.

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                          Thanks! Tried it Friday evening, and it was worth the trip. For anyone not from the Martinsburg area, its about a half-mile off of I81 at the Rt 45 exit. Take 45 West (past the Target), and its about 1/2 mile on your left. Just when you think you are heading into the wilderness, look for a farmhouse just off the road to the left witha Rock HIll Creamery sign. Til 10 every night in the summer at least. Don't know if there is anything similar within 50 miles--not as cheap as Nutter's but better and more local.

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                            If Ice Cream is what you are wanting, I suggest you try Skippers in downtown Charles Town. Fabulous ice cream! They also have really good flat pizzas.

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                              We tried it. Pretty good--wish there was a way to combine all three places--Nutters for the cost and atmosphere, Rock Hill Creamery for the locally made ice cream, and Skippers for the unusual flavors. I have to say the place could use some funkying up---the menu is very vanilla, and nothing in the place gives a clue as to where the ice cream comes from. Would guess from the number of coffee beans in the dip the missus got that it's homemade, but they don't say that anywhere. Anyway, recommend all three as a circuit ride.

                2. I actually have gone to Jamaican Cafe that opened last year and it is great...an excellent addition to Martinsburg. I have also gone to Viva Mexico...love that too. My preference is Jamaican Cafe. I got steak, shrimp and Chicken with oooh so much flavor and not spicy at all. I kind of thought it would be but apparently a myth. Give them both a try.

                  1. Martinsburg WV has many great restaurants and dining areas. A great place to hear what others have to say about the different restaurants would be http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/... .