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Aug 7, 2001 01:49 AM

Hi to fellow Aussies in Bay Area

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Any Asia Pacific chowhounds living currently in the Bay area? Interested in meeting up for chow and trading info about home?: Australia, New Zealand,Fiji, China, Malaysia, Singapore. Im planning a meal shortly for those who want to partipate.

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  1. Best Seafood Pizza was in Cairns Australia.
    Back in 1984 I had the best pizza of my life in a small Greek ran Pizza stand on the Esplanade in Cairns.
    Your Thread just reminded of the superfresh ,supertasty seafood delite.
    I Also had the best Burger ,It was called a "Burger with the lot" It had all the usual stuff plus a fried egg,pickled beets,and a pinapple slice.It was over 7 inches tall and fantastic.It was at a roadside gas station meatpie and burger joint somewhere on the Bruce Hiway.

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      Brandon Nelson


      A burger with "the lot"! I vacationed in Australia in 1993 and had one of these towering creations at the Harbor View Hotel in the capitol. Awesome! The is no greater companion for a Guiness and a mound of chips!


      1. re: Mission

        If you guys are hanging out for this stuff I'll keep you informed of the next Aussie embassey bash...the order of the day is a burger with the lot (made on the Barbie)chips and beer...This, however, wasnt my vision of an Aussie get-together in the Bay area. I wanted to arrange either a restaurant that specialises in pacific rim cuisine..(this is also the Aussie haute cuisine) or a pot luck of homemade specialties....carpetbag steak with avocado and mango salsa, garlic marinated lamb and roasted veggies, tomato and onion salad, peppermint/chocolate pavlova...