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Aug 6, 2001 10:39 PM

best place for mochi in bay area?

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where's the best place for japanese mochi (not mochi ice cream) in the bay area? we're considering giving some as wedding favors. on the peninsula will be best for convenience, but we'll drive to the city or berkeley if it's really worth it and if you know of places that make pretty 3-packs. went to a place in japantown san jose that was pretty good but we'd have to pack it ourselves. any other suggestions? thanks in advance!


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  1. Wonki, Berkeley Bowl sells small packs of mochi that could be suitable for a party favor and are quite visually attractive. They could probably make the packaging even more attractive for your wedding! I don't know who the manufacturer is, although I remember it being in the greater Bay Area. The mochi was located right in the front of the store, not far from the breads. You might try calling Berkeley Bowl to save you a trip. (510) 843-6929

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      Although mochi is eaten in summer, the traditional Japanese food based on rice is, mainly, for New Year's Days.

      If you read one of San Francisco's two Japanese American community newspapers in November and Decemeber, you will find event lists of "mochi-tsuki"--mochi making--in a variety of local Japanese American organizations.

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        thanks. that sounds perfect.

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          Wonki, Hiki Okeda's post today refers to a newspaper article that identifies the two mochi manufacturers in the bay area: 1. Benkyodo in San Francisco and 2. Shuei-Do Manju Shop in San Jose. What a nice party favor you will have!