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Sep 15, 2004 11:52 AM


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Has anyone been to the new cheese boutique Cheesetique in Arlington? What is the selection like? Do they allow tasting? What else do they sell besides cheese? THanks!

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  1. i went to cheesetique last saturday and bought 3 cheeses for a cheese and fruit platter for a party. there was one called a puff that was really tasty. the selection was great, service was very knowledgeable, and i was able to try each cheese before i purchased them. they also have a small selection of cheese accessories for sale. it's a small shop, but i recommend stopping by.

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      as a Del Ray resident, I believe in supporting our local (non-franchise, non-chain) businesses. But I have to agree with the earlier post about staff shortages and long waits -- they need to get their act together, even if it's only by something as simple as putting in a take-a-number machine and telling the staff that if they're out front they had better be waiting on customers, not hanging out doing nothing. And the prices are not low. I'm willing to pay for the convenience of being able to buy fabulous cheeses 3 blocks' walk from home, but it's not convenient if you have to spend ages waiting in the store.

    2. Address? Thank you.

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      1. To clarify....it's in Alexandria, in Del Ray on Mt. Vernon Avenue. It's on my to-do list for Friday! I've been craving a stop at this place for days.

        1. As the person who first posted on Cheesetique to this board, I felt it my duty to check the place out the other day. I have to say I was underwhelmed, though I have hopes that the place will improve. First of all, with only one person serving the customers I waited 10 minutes while one person was served, and there was another person ahead of me so I gave up before she even got to me. Also, there is not a huge selection, and certainly nothing like what I find at the local Wegman's or Whole Foods. Finally, I did not find the selection that was there to be terribly interesting. Again, these things should improve with time, and the owner seems to have her heart in the right place.

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            James-- go to Arrowine and ask for Aldo. He used to be in Dean and Deluca's cheese dept. and is really knowledgeable--loves to talk about cheese and give samples. Arrowine's selection is very good--not quite as long and deep as Wegman's or Whole Foods in Arlington and G'town (almost, though)--but the cheeses they have are very well chosen, high quality and Aldo and Tito are both great. They also have a good selection of charcuterie, fresh H&H bagel and Firehook bread-- or you can go next door to Randolph's for a baguette.

            While you're at Arrowine, talk to Doug Rosen about wine -- he's very knowlegeable, opinionated and brutally honest.

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              I second this rec. The cheese area at Arrowine is really good. Actually, everything zora said about Arrowine is true.

          2. Had lunch at the Cheesetique in Shirlington. Nothing revelatory, but a solid, unique menu that is inexpensive to boot. A full sandwich and soup combo is only $10. The mac n' goat cheese is served in its baking dish and is a considerable portion for $10.

            A good option in a location crowded with many lame choices.