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Sep 7, 2004 05:56 PM

Legendary Desserts of DC--The Definitive List

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I want to hear some nominations folks. Here's mine:
- Tres Leches cake at Guapo's in Shirlington (don't take my piece)
- Um Ali dessert at Lebanese Taverna
- Fruit Tart at Metro 29 Diner
- Baklava at Parthernon Greek Restaurant in Chevy Chase
- Coconut Rice and Mango at Rabieng
- Thai Custard with coconut and lemongrass at Rabieng
- Shaibeya cream filled phyllo dough turnover at Mirage in Bailey's Crossroads
- Fried banana with honey at Green Papaya in Bethesda
- Hazelnut Gelato at Haagen Dazs
- Chocolate Bread Pudding at the Wharf in Old Town
- Italian Bread Pudding with pine nuts at That's Amore
- Peach Bordalou at La Madeleine
- Steamed rice-dough balls stuffed with mashed sesame at Bamboo Buffet
- Fried rice-dough balls rolled in sesame seed and stuffed with red bean jam at Bamboo Buffet or Fortune Star Buffet
- Sweet Red Bean with rice noodles, coconut milk and crushed ice at Pho 79
- Round flat dough balls stuffed with sweet mung bean with Durian flavor at Asian bakeries
- Crepe with Nutella and banana at Lafayette in Georgetown
- Crepe with strawberries and romanoff sauce at La Madeleine
- Any dessert at Zaytinya
- Indian Kulfi ice cream at Delhi Daba
- Indian kheer rice pudding flavored with cardamom, still looking for a place that does it justice
- Apple walnut cobbler with ice cream on the side at Cracker Barrel
- Chocolate Milk Shake at Denny's
- Frozen Custard at Kohr Brothers, or Dickey's on I street
- Real Ricotta Italian Cheese Cake flavored with almond, still searching for this one locally
- Pignoli almond and pine nut chewy cookies at Vaccaro's
- Marzipan Stollen at Heidelberg Bakery in Arlington
- Any pastry at Tivoli in Rosslyn and Ballston
- Raspberry Souffle with chocolate sauce at Les Folies in Annapolis
- Bastilla at Taste of Morocco, I know this is an entree made with chicken, but it's sweet and cinnamony heaven
- Poppyseed cake at the Russian Gourmet store in McLean and Rockville

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  1. Cookie plate (with homemade caramels...mmmmmm) at Palena.

    1. Well, once upon a time, Nora served a chocolate ganache.. but now, in these degraded times, only a legend, unfortunately.

      1. I have to second the Tres Leches cake at Guapo's in Shirlington, pure heaven.

        1. Pear tart with caramel sauce and caramel ice cream at Four and Twenty Blackbirds!

          1. Oh, too bad...I should write a little script to automate this...

            How about bitter sweet ice cream @ Thomas Sweet?

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            1. re: Ass Vandal

              I second the bittersweet chocolate ice cream at Thomas Sweet. Get a blend in of that with york peppermint patties and it's heaven!

              1. re: Ass Vandal

                I have to agree on the Thomas Sweet bittersweet ice cream. It is chocolate perfection !!