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Aug 4, 2001 06:30 PM

singaporean food in singapore?

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Hi guys:

Not sure if this would be the right place for the question but I been seeing a lot of postings on singaporean food so I thought I ask. My husband and I are stopping over in singapore for 2 days around Jan(We are hiking thorough India for 5 weeks before hand). Any suggestions for places not to miss? street stall food to try? what interesting produce would be in season? We will be flying into chenai.


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  1. I think this post might be better placed in the International Board of Chowhound. I've been away from Singapore too long to give specific suggestions, but in terms of variety and value and just plain old good grub, the hawker centers in Singapore, where lots of food stalls are aggregated, are the best deals. I would try to hit a few of these hawker centers in any of the residential towns (easily accessible via subway).

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      Subsequent replies, please move to the international board.

    2. If you are spending 5 weeks in India, my guess is that you'll want something as unlike Indian food (delicious is it can be in India) as you can get, once you land in Singapore.

      With only two days, and jet lag to boot, I'll suggest a couple of easy-to-get-to places. One is the Chatterbox Cafe at the Mandarin Hotel on Orchard Road. The Hainan chicken rice is among the best in Singapore. If you haven't been there, Newton Circus is worth a visit. I haven't eaten there in years, but there should still be a popiah stall, and an oyster cake (actually an omelette) stall.

      If you want a broad range of Singaporean food in comfortable surroundings, go for the "high tea" at the Goodwood Park Hotel on Scott's road. It's not cheap, but there is so much excellent food at the buffet, and it's timed so that you won't want anything else the rest of the day. The kueh pie ti, laksa, mee siam spring vividly to mind as things to eat lots of at the high tea.

      Then there are the restaurants at the East Coast Parkway which specialize in seafood--chili crab and pepper crab to be specific.

      I have to warn you, though, you could get badly hooked on Singaporean food, and there aren't many places outside Singapore where you can happily indulge the habit.

      Bon Voyage!

      1. Hey Grow Power,

        I was there in March and am heading back in October. I recommend the Chili and Pepper Crab at the Long Beach Marina Restaurant in Marina Park. Also, if you are still up for Indian, I recommend Delhi at 60 Race Course Road. Lastly, for dessert, check out the roadside fruit stands (open until late at night) along Geylong Rd - be brave and go for the Durian.