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Aug 4, 2001 03:22 AM

Singapore Malaysian Restaurant

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First, I would like to gratefully acknowledge Limster's excellent recommendation. (Okay, I have to agree that it would not be difficult to get better food in Singapore, but these are desperate times for souls in need of proper Singaporean nourishment.)

My husband, a Frenchman who loves Singaporean food as much as I do, scarfed most of the roti between 2 breaths. And, with my mom, the three of us demolished a platter of popiah (3 pieces), roti with curry sauce, an entire fried chicken, 3 orders of coconut rice, kangkong blachan, and beef rendang. The portions are generous, the service is very helpful, and the prices are reasonble.

The roti could have been fluffier, but it was sufficiently crisp and layered, and the curry sauce was very good.

The popiah were simple, but tasty. The fried chicken was a bit dry, but certainly a nice change from the heavily crusted fast-food type. Only the rendang was a bit disappointing-- somewhat tough and with a thin reddish sauce.

We will certainly be back. Thank you, Limster!

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  1. I'm glad you liked Singapore Malaysian; this place was a destination for a chowhound dinner even before I posted about it (see thread link below).

    I was directed to this place when I first got here by some family friends who immigrated from Singapore - they steered me away from Straits Cafe to Singapore Malaysian and I was really grateful to them for that.

    I frequent Tracy Garden out on Judah and 48th Ave - do check out their satay, it's miles ahead of the Singapore Malaysian's (assuming the latter hasn't improved their version in the last year or so).

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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      Thanks, Limster!

      I really appreciate your postings, and hope to read many more of them, although I happened across one that mentioned that you will be graduating with your doctorate soon. If you return to Singapore, it may be our loss, but at least you'll get all that great food!

      By the way, is the Tracy Garden satay the sweeter, milder type, or the type with a more pronounced marinade? I cut my teeth on the Brunei versions, which are great even without the sauce.

      And while we're at it, does Tracy Garden, or anyone else, do a rendang that's got one of those delicious, dark, oily sauces that comes from simmering the meat until the coconut sauce dries up? And have you tried ordering pepper crab at Singapore Malaysian?

      Thanks for your valued advice!

      1. re: Pia R.

        The Tracy Garden version is the sweet, well-marinaded type that is very similar to the versions I used to get back in Singapore. The only thing missing there is kueh tu patt (spelling?) the rice cakes cooked in pandan leaves - none of the places I've been to seem to make that.

        Tracy's rendang is quite good, but I suspect that better versions can be found in some of the Indonesian places in town. And I've never had the pepper crab at Singapore Malaysian.

        Lastly, I've taken a postdoctoral position at Berkeley next year, so I'll still be in the area.

        1. re: Limster

          Thats great to hear that you will be staying! I will be looking forward to your scouting of berkeley restaurants.

    2. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had never tried this place until today, although I only live 4 blocks away. I tried the Hainan chicken & rice (with steamed chicken) and Char Kway Teow. My son and I both loved the Hainan chicken & rice - so flavorful.

      Some yelpers thought that the Char Kway Teow had way too many chiles, but apparently the owner didn't think I would want any chiles in mine (maybe because of my 4-year-old son), so it was not remotely spicy. I did like it - nicely seared noodles yet not too oily - but ended up adding sriracha.

      Everyone there was super nice and the owner kept offering my son candy from their candy jar, which won quite a few points with my son.

      Next time I'll try the curry mee. And probably more Hainan chicken & rice.

      1. I am guessing this is the place on Clement in SF?

        Singapore Malaysian Restaurant
        836 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

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            Must have hit the wrong button. Trying again...

            Singapore Malaysian Restaurant
            836 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

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              Civil Bear's post immediately above has the link to the restaurant. Are you not able to view the link? What about the map in the upper right corner and the name and address info directly underneath? Also, within the 2-hour time limit, you should be able to edit and add a link to your original post. If that's not working for you, please report it on Site Talk.

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                Well, I see a link in Civil Bear's post now, but I didn't see it in the reply before I posted. There was no map until I added my link - I added it because I wanted to know where this was and thought others would too. I have never been able to add a link while editing; maybe I'll try a different browser and see if that works better.


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                  Linking while editing never worked for me either, but suddenly this last week it does.