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Sep 2, 2004 12:35 PM

World's Best Ketchup?

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The current issue of the New Yorker has an interesting article about a product called "World's Best Ketchup," a boutique item out of Norwood, Mass. Has anyone seen it in the DC/Balto area?

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  1. They went out of business as far as I know. I have a couple of jars but its not very good -in that its not balanced. It was $3.95 for a 7 oz jar.
    They were really nice guys- reminded me of click and clack on npr radio- and actually had bi coastal distribution.

    1. They are indeed out of business. Whataburger has good ketchup, but we don't have that in this area either. Me, I'm fine with Heinz.

      1. The conclusion of the New Yorker article, as I remember it, was that Heinz had the world's best ketchup.

        1. I wonder if Uncle Brutha's Hotsauce emporium carries a good ketchup. He does carry sauces other than hotsauce.

          I wrote an article about the store, and it has contact info:

          1. Cook's Illustrated rated ketchups an issue or two ago. Much to my surprise (and very disappointing to this Pittsburgh native), they rated Hunt's ketchup as the best. I think Heinz's organic ketchup was number 2.