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Aug 25, 2004 07:18 PM

Challah in DC / Northern Virginia

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Anybody have a recommendation for a good place to get challah in DC or Northern Virginia? My wife and I moved to Arlington from St Paul, MN about 4 weeks ago and, believe it or not, we're missing the challah we used to be able to get in Minnesota (Breadsmith). I've seen some places recommended in Maryland, but most of our travels are in the Arlington and Dupont Circle areas, so it would be good to have something more convenient. So far Trader Joe's is in the lead but there is room for improvement from that.

Kosher is preferred but not required; hence the post to this board. (Also, posting to the general DC board was suggested when this topic came up on the kosher board a few months ago.)

Thanks for any suggestions!


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  1. A couple of choices:

    Breadline (Penn near 18th NW) has excellent challah, though perhaps only available on Fridays, and during the High Holy Days they run out so fast you have to place an order in advance.

    Whole Foods Markets (all over) have good challah, too.

    Wegmans (in Sterling, VA, near Dulles) is probably too far, but they have great challah.

    Good luck!

    1. Believe it or not, Giant's challah is pretty good.

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      1. re: Skipper

        This is true! But they have two classes of challah, and it really pays to splurge the extra buck to get the expensive challah.

        1. re: Bonz

          I definitely agree.

        2. I am not a Challah consumer but recommend you try Heidelberg Bakery on Lee Hwy at Culpepper in Arl.

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            I second the recommendation for Heidelberg bakery. It is not as good as the Maryland bakeries, but it is pretty good.

            1. re: naruda

              Heidelberg also usually has other Jewish baked goods at other holidays -- can't rave enough about the hamantashen!!!

            2. Marvelous Market's challah is absolutely excellent. Fridays and Saturdays only

              1. Krupins on Wisconsin by the Tenleytown metro has GREAT challah. I use it to make stuffing every year.