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Aug 3, 2001 12:08 AM

La Palma Mexicatessen; Taqueria San Jose

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Just got back to NYC from a trip to the Bay Area and, while I had done some pre-trip research on this board, I didn't do quite enough. We eagerly galloped into La Palma Mexicatessen but trotted away disappointed - no more potato chips! (I had missed Jim's post last month on the subject.) The pupusas (mixed) were delicious, though.

Fortunately, we had earlier hit Taqueria San Jose in San Rafael, which was as great as I had remembered from my last visit there a year ago. The horchata is UNBELIEVABLE. If I lived nearby, I would need to stop in every day for a big cup.

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  1. I just had a couple of the La Palma pupusas this afternoon and they were very good. I ordered 3 of them but 2 was more than filling.

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      My boyfriend stayed in S.F. for a few days after I flew home. I had let him know how wretched the food was on my TWA flight home, and, since he was going to be on the same flight later in the week, warned him to bring his own food. He reported that he stopped in at La Palma on the way to the airport and picked up a few pupusas and some other goodies for the plane. I'm sure the other passengers were very jealous.