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Aug 2, 2001 06:29 PM

mail order cheese please

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Following Andy's recent post re: Crozier, my taste buds went into overdrive, especially after reading Andy & Rochelle's laudatory comments about Say Cheese. Thus I set out to find a great site from which to order when unable to locate these products locally. Jackpot!! As you will note from the attached link, this Seattle company has a great product line. Of note, the 3 month "cheese of the month" with a different selection delivered to you each month. Yumm.
Oh the joys of e-commerce. Chow.



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  1. having lived in new york, i typically turn to murrays, one of my new york favorites for cheese (but only when i want to send someone a gift, i try to shop locally at the cheese board or say cheese or even the new molly stones in san mateo) - murray's does a great job, their site is ok, but i just call them and ask for recommendations of what nice things they have in stock.


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      Andrew Raskin

      Thanks for posting that, Randy. I'm all over it.

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        Randy Salenfriend

        My pleasure Andy-

        It's the cheese.