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Aug 2, 2001 05:46 PM

Looking for a Special Taco in the Bay area

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Im a real taco officionado. This dates back to a time when a lone Mexican made it to a distant part of Asia and set up a foodstall! The problem is I cant find the taco of my youth here in SFO. Im not looking for the usual BBQ or grilled meat filling but a stewed meat.Im told this type is very popular in Mexico itself but isnt usually prepared in the US. Anyone have an idea where I could find it?

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  1. How about San Jose?

    1. I personally love to visit "El Toyonese" the taco trucks on Harrison and 20th and one at 18th also in SF. Yep--it's a true taco truck with great stewed chicken taco's, there is also stewed beef (cabeza) from the head area-not its not the brains. And every wonderful taco is only $1.50. We usually eat about 3-4 each. Make sure to get the marinated veggies on top.

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        Brandon Nelson


        If I don't miss the mark cabeza is stewed beef cheek.


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          Regarding cabeza- You thought it was beef cheek and I think it is meat from the head area:

          You may be right-but a Mexican cook told me this-so who knows. Tastes good!

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            Melanie Wong

            Cabeza does mean head in Spanish. Cheeks are from the head. Around here, cheeks is what mostly goes into the cabeza mix.

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        Melanie Wong

        Can you tell us more about the seasoning on the stewed beef? I'm wondering if it was something like chile colorado, tinga, etc.

        1. Thanks Laiko, Brandon and Melanie for the suggestions. Im going after that Taco truck now with a vengeance..hehe. Melanie, in answer to your question, Im not sure what the taco I ate was seasoned with. It was 1974/75 when I consumed it...and I havent seen its type since. I only remember that, apart from tasting very good, the meat appeared to be stewed for such a long time that it was falling apart when I bit into it.

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            Panpan, you might also try the tongue (lengua) tacos. those are stewed too and are meltingly tender. If you search on the Chowhound home page, you'll find lots of recommendations for tacos in Sonoma County. I've got a few more and will try to post an update over the weekend. It's one other area where Sonoma rules!