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Aug 2, 2001 04:32 PM

Restaurant recommendation for Jack London Square

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Anyone know of good places to eat in Jack London Square? I and a few girlfriends are visiting there for the first time next Friday night. We would prefer somewhere that take reservations. Also, how is the parking situation there?


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  1. The best restaurant in the Jack London Square area is Soizic, which is actually a couple of blocks up Broadway from the square proper.

    In the square, people seem to like Kincaid's (but I haven't been there in years).

    Both these places will take reservations.

    1. I like Hahn's Hibachi; nice decor, inexpensive eats. Not exactly authentic Korean food, but tasty anyways (I like the udon). Might not be what you're lookin' for though...(I don't know if they take reservations)

      1. If you like sushi, you might want to try Yoshi's. Great ambiance, live jazz performances, nice hip crowd. Parking is across the street at a pay garage (inexpensive parking).