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Aug 2, 2001 01:31 AM

The Sancerre was a hit!

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Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

All my guests liked it -- even my non-white drinking father. The crisp tartness balanced the rich sweetness of the corn soup and the carmelized onion frittata nicely, and the sophistication of the choice impressed them.

I gave credit to chowhound, of course!

I ended up serving the late harvest Zinfandel (J. Fritz Winery, 1997) with chocolate decadence (with fruit salad my mother brought instead of raspberry puree). It was only after I opened it that I noticed the back label suggests "pair with chocolate and raspberries"!

Of course now I have three boxes of raspberries. Time to make sorbet, using Caitlin's corn syrup tip.

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    Melanie Wong

    Ruth, I'm happy that worked out so well for you and your guests. Who's the producer for the Sancerre?

    The 1997 late harvest zin from J. Fritz was extra special and in short supply. One of my ex-beaus loved it so much, he swallowed his pride and begged me to call in some favors with the winery to get some extra stock. (g)

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      I have trouble deciphering French wine labels, but it said Sancerre in the middle, above that it said "Domaine des Vieux Pruniers" and below it said "mis en Bouteille au Domaine Christian Thirot-Fournier" and then at the very bottom "Cher"

      Cher is a placename (city?) in the Loire. Is "mis en Bouteille" like "estate bottled"? Is the top part a micro region? Something else?

      The J Fritz was a gift -- I think dating back to my 40th birthday a couple of years ago. I'm ashamed to say I'm not even sure who from (I'll make discreet inquiries and be sure to thank him/her).

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        One of the restaurant wine lists in Eugene listed "Mis en Bouteille" as the producer name for the wine. My dinner companion turned to me and said, "oh good, it's in a bottle." Yes, mis en bouteille au domaine means estate bottled. Domaine des Vieux Pruniers may be the name of a particular holding within the Sancerre appellation controlée.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          (snicker) My French being virtually non-existent, I really shouldn't laugh at other people's gaffes.

          So just to clarify: Domaine Christian Thirot-Fournier is the producer. Are all French wine labels set up that way? (Here's hoping the French mania for regulating everything will actually be useful!)

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Yes, Christian Thirot-Fournier is the producer.

            The French do love to codify things. But requirements will vary from one French wine region to another, although there are national laws and now the EU regs are harmonizing across Europe.

            Other designations you may see that are roughly equivalent to estate bottling are: mis en bouteille au chateau (as in Bordeaux) or mis en bouteille a la propriété. In contrast, a negociant's label will say something like élevé et mis en bouteille par proprietaire.