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Aug 1, 2001 10:06 PM

burritos in east bay

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I cannot seem to find a burrito to satisfy my tastes...the closest it got was Talk-o-the-Town on International Blvd, Oakland, until it closed. Tired of Cactus, and all the others. Before moving to the East Bay, I had the Mission within my reach; any East Bay gems out there?

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  1. sorry to hear about the closing of Jessie's Talk of the Town. have you tried any of the taco trucks on E. 14th or Taqueria San Jose? I like the branch in San Rafael but haven't been to the Oakland one.


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    1. re: gordon wing

      definately the super burrito at mario's la fiesta in berkeley, on the corner of haste and telegraph. they i'm a big fan of the chile colorado meat filling. the nachos are awesome, they deep fry the tortillas then pile them high with stuff. get the gringo ones. mmm mmm.

      super burrito-$5.25 w/tax
      gringo nachos-$6.50 w/tax

      1. re: ryan gan

        I used to eat at Mario's all the time when I was a student (even before I went to Cal, when I used to go hang on Telegraph in high school).

        It used to be the best bargain in town. Glad to hear that it still is to be recommended.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          As a student dive, Mario does have some charm, but I would hardly put it on my list of best texmex in the east bay. It's a student version of Juan's.

          A better place with similar fare is Picante on Gilman and 6th. I hear Christopher down San Pablo south of Solano is pretty good too. The best burrito joints are down International ave in Oakland.

          Cancun, Gordo's and Cactus in Berkeley are ok, but they pale in comparison with the Mission's taquerias. Viva Taqueria, Claremont&Ashby, is decent and has a pleasant atmosphere (al fresco).

          1. re: garçon

            Yeah, Picante used to be OK. The guy who built it hired away the head chef (?) from Taqueria Morelia, which was the actual taqueria at Jesse's Talk of the Town (Jesse's was the adjoining bar). Later days, Picante was acquired by some character from the Chez Panisse galaxy, who gussied up the food some, and added some interesting new choices, but lost the old Morelia character. So it's better than it was, but not the way it used to be.....

            A trio of taquerias from my collection of take-out menus:

            Ramiro's on Alameda Ave. just off Park Street in Alameda. A new favorite. Try the garlicky guac.

            La Borinquena on 7th Street around Jefferson in Oakland, same block as the infamous Mexicali Rose. Still doin it after at least 25 years. Great chili colorado, but I go for the tamales.

            And in Deep Eastbay, go often to Chavez Supermarket & Taqueria, 1157 West Tennyson, Hayward. A neighborhood place in a neighborhood. Meat is what's goin on here, great carne asada, great carnitas, great green tomatillo salsa.

            Now, who knows where to get good Syrian food in the Bay? Or, any Syrian food in the Bay? Thanks.

        2. re: ryan gan

          oh, i forgot to add that the grilled burritos are good as well, if i'm not up to eating a whole super burrito i order one and some guacamole.

          of course, like everyone i'm a big fan of the mission burritos...does anyone have a link to the online version of that article on burritos in the mission?

      2. j
        Jennifer Fish Wilson

        So sorry to hear about Talk of the Town closing. Where will all the Oakland police eat now? Actually, my friend who was a Oakland policeman likes Tijuana @ East 14th (1308 International Blvd)--great homemade tortillas and awesome seafood selections too. And I agree w/ Gordon re Tacqueria San Jose #2--3433 E. 14th--wonderful al pastor and carne asada and the best salsa verde I have ever had anywhere. Mentioned to Melanie that I had a not so great experience at my other favorite east bay Mexican restaurant: El Taco Zamorano (4032 Foothill across from Hell's Angel's headquarters and next door to Sonny Barger's motorcyle shop)and she told me it was my duty to share it with the board. Last time I was there my meal never arrived--turned out a guy across the room was enjoying my tacos. There have been a few other service issues and the food is not as good as it used to be. Also their truck in the Mexican grocery store parking lot on High and East 14th is gone although the small restaurant at the side of the parking lot appears to still be in business. Cactus Tacqueria is fine but a bit too yuppified--how can Rockridge compete with Fruitvale for authentic Mexican?

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        1. re: Jennifer Fish Wilson
          Melanie Wong

          Thanks for reporting, Jennifer. You're a good girl. (g).

        2. I'm a fan of Happy Burrito. They Have two Oakland locations. The tortillas are very soft and the salsa is great.

          HAPPY BURRITO 1616 WEBSTER ST OAKLAND , CA94612(510) 763-9174
          HAPPY BURRITO 564 14TH ST # A OAKLAND , CA94612(510) 452-8991

          1. I'd reccommend Cancun in Berkeley.

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            1. re: Melek

              Is Cancun the one in downtown Berkeley? They have the most impressive salsa bar I've come across....