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Jul 31, 2001 07:34 PM

Need recommendations-near UCSF

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I just started working at UCSF (Parnassus campus) near Judah and 3rd. I need help finding places to eat lunch around here! Places that I can walk to, eat lunch, and walk back, all in an hour, are greatly appreciated. $10, ideally around $5, is my budget.

Please help! I'm tired of eating cafeteria food and at the student union. I've tried We Be Sushi and Pomelo, both at Judah and 6th.

Thanks much!

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  1. Try these places:

    Truly Mediterrean on Haight and Cole - middle eastern food.

    Korean BBQ stuff at Art's Cafe (Irving, near 9th Ave), also good hash browns.

    Shanghai Restaurant (Judah and 9th) for noodles, lion's head (pork meatballs) lunch special.

    Katana-ya next to We Be Sushi has an authentic ultragreasy ramen if you are into that. Hotei on 9th and Irving could be a better option otherwise for Japanese noodles.

    Arizmendi Bakery on 9th between Judah and Irving has the best pizzas in the neighborhood, also lots of great baked goodies.

    Einstein's Cafe uses an excellent housemade honey wheat bread that goes into their sandwiches or accompanies their soups and salads.

    L'Avenida (Irving and 6th Ave) is the neigborhood burrito place, good and cheap, though not as good as the places in the Mission.

    Sukhothai on 9th Ave (at Irving) is the best Thai place walking distance of UCSF. Little Bangkok (Irving and 10th) is cheaper and decent and you get to pick out 1-3 dishes with your rice.

    I also have a soft spot for the salmon lunch special at Nan King Road Bistro on 9th between Irving and Judah.

    In general, 9th Ave has a bunch of places, and there are a few decent places on Irving as well, going as far as Funston.

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      Thanks, Limster. It looks like all the good stuff is on 9th. I just haven't been venturing far enough. Looks like I'll be having a good lunch tomorrow!

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        Melanie Wong

        My lift to the airport happened to drive down this section of 9th Ave. Your recs were fresh in my mind Wednesday morning and I felt like I was on the Limster chowing tour. Sorry I didn't have time to make any stops.