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Jul 31, 2001 01:33 PM

WANTED: Wedding Present Suggestions

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What do you get the recently-married foodie couple who already has everything in the kitchen?

I want to give them something special, and here are some of the ideas I've come up with: private cooking lessons, private chef creating some meals for them at home, a private wine cave/cellar dinner, hot air balloon ride over wine country with a meal afterward...

I don't want to spend more than $500-$700. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, references? Any help will be appreciated...thanks!

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  1. those all sound great. what's your address so i can invite you to my wedding in november? :-)


    1. In Geyserville, Hope-Merrill House (??) has offered winemaking weekends- Spend an autumn weekend at this B&B, arising early to go into the vineyards for grape picking in the early morning, followed by crushing, followed by eating, followed by more winemaking, followed by nap or play, followed by eating, then sleeping, then more winemaking, touring, eating, napping,. Then leave, but return in the future to bottle the wine you made. Of course, there will also be activities of eating, napping, touring, and whatever etcetera Sonoma and Mendocino counties have to offer.

      1. Hi Sherrie,

        You don't say where your friends live, but there is plenty to do in Sonoma County that would make a nice present. Ramekins generally will have 3 or 4 culinary classes on a weekend, you get to eat what you make and wine is included. Plus, they have a B&B (or if you prefer the Sonoma Mission Inn is 10 minutes away). Ramekins is affiliated with the General's Daughter Restaurant located next door and they have a sumptuous brunch. I've put the link below and they have an online catalog.

        Another idea may be to get your friends a night or 2 at a B&B and a map of the Farm Trails up here for them to explore whatever excites them.




        1. How about a starter set of handmade, mouth blown, 24% lead crystal Riedel wine glasses, and a couple of bottles of great wine to save until their first anniversary. I treasure the ones I finally had to buy for myself for Christmas, and so do my friends who receive them as gifts. The sytles are selected for the variety of wine, so every year you can add to the collection. Try the Wine Club, 415/512-9086 as a great source for both the glasses and the wine. Their newsletter is a great resource.