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Jul 31, 2001 01:30 AM

report from the trenches: fed well by friends

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Just wanted to check in and report that having a baby is a very good way to get delicious home-cooked food out of friends (and husband). The best so far, our next door neighbor (who is Vietnamese) cooked us an amazing chicken pho, with dandelion greens, thai basil, shredded chicken, limes, hot sauce, hoisin and probably more that I cannot remember. Another friend brought us (last night) a seven course Indian meal (including homemade chutney, mint sauce, raita, and daal). Whew!

As for culinary experiences that others can partake in, we tried a simple order from the new Thai place across the street, Ruen Pair (on San Pablo between Marin and Monroe) and it was fantastic! I ordered a Tom Yum Ka Gai (I'm not sure if I have that right, please forgive if in error) and Tim (who went to pick it up) said they made it all fresh. It was amazing, with fresh lime leaves, lemongrass, very hot chiles, large slices of beautiful ginger. The soup was hot, spicy, sour, and everything that it should have been. Sadly, it was so authentic and spicy I couldn't eat it: for fear that Eli would object later. But my mother and Tim polished it off. Wish I had tried this place during my search for labor-inducers. Tim ordered a mussuman which he really liked (didn't get to try that).

Well, this is my first time back on the net. I see the board has been super busy, wish I could read everything.

Thanks for all the best wishes,

Rachel Hope and Eli (I-love-milk) Cleves

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  1. rachel,

    so nice to hear from you! it's so good to know that culinary adventurousness doesn't end with mom-hood. if you've been feeling hungry for chinese the board has definately been with you. this last week there's been much ado, esecially a thread about beggars chix, what it is, how it got to be, where it originates from, how to eat it, where to find it. quite interesting.

    sounds like you're beeing fed deliciously and well. take care and we look forward to a outing when little eli's up to it.


    1. m
      Melanie Wong

      Rachel, good to have you check in. Sounds like you're going to keep little Eli. (g)

      I'm looking forward to meeting your little guy and also trying Ruen Pair. Hope they stick to their guns and don't dumb down the food just because the local critics say it's too spicy.

      1. hi,

        is ruen pair in berkeley?