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Aug 4, 2004 12:24 PM

Old Town Alexandria

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Here for a night.
Where to eat? Any and all cuisines welcome. It just has to be the C.H. standard Hyper Delicious!

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  1. Majestic Cafe - (see link)
    Reserve early.


    1. Restaurant Eve is considered by many to be the best Alexandria has to offer. However they are closed August 1-10. If you're in town after then 10th, then definitely consider this option. There is a bistro as well as a tasting room.


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      1. re: Free Wilma

        Looks like the link has changed in the 747 days since your post.

      2. try the new Mai Thai by the river. Landini Brother's is also nice, as is Geranio. (all on King). Despite mixed reviews, I actually just had a great meal at Vermillion (also on King): crab cake appetizer was lovely, as were the pork sliders and cilantro hummus. Plus Vermillion makes good caipirhanas and mojitos.

        1. I recommend Cafe Salsa across the street from Majestic Cafe. Great Puerto Rican food!

          1. Unclear what your expectations are, but in the Fine Dining category ($100 or so for 2), avoid Le Refuge, a seriously over-rated French bistro style place recommended by many for some reason. Le Bergerie near the Torpedo Factory has Basque food, never been, but reported to be very good by reliable sources--been there forever. Further down the scale is Stardust Restaurant (new American), ate there just a few days ago for the first time and it is good, but nothing special. Old Town is over represented in the brew pub type places with good to above average food quality, this is what comes to my mind as "Old Town" native food. Southside 815 on Washington St falls in this category. They have a Charleston Chicken (chicken, andouille, shrimp in a cream sherry sauce) which I go for. The ONLY place if you are hunkering for a very well prepared chicken fried steak--enormous. Perhaps the best bread basket in the metro area. This, like most other places like it, can be loud at times. Hope this helps...

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            1. re: Roberto64

              Roberto, in what way is Le Refuge over-rated? We have been eating there for years and have never had a bad meal or bad service. The food is well prepared and presented, IMNSHO.